Sunday, September 30, 2018

#WhyIDidntReport; because I didn't want my grandma to be mad at her boyfriend (Me, age 5)

because I didn't want my grandma to be mad at her boyfriend 
(Me, age 5)

this was my essay, published a few years ago.... before the #MeToo's even more relevant today

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Dreams, Canada's Ultimate Tribute to Fleetwood Mac, ROCKS!

I'm in love with my job~  For all the years I spent spinning Fleetwood Mac records I didn't even dare to dream of singing their music in front of people and now here I am, sharing it with everyone, onstage, night after night in town after town!  What an epic band, it's been an incredible couple of years and things just keep ramping up.

You'll see a lot more action  HERE by the way.... on Facebook where Tracy and I run the page and post from the road~

I'll steal a few shots and share them with you now and if you want to know more, like the page for updates. If you want to book the band you can find our manager's contact on our webpage HERE!

love and light to you all~