Sunday, September 30, 2018

#WhyIDidntReport; because I didn't want my grandma to be mad at her boyfriend (Me, age 5)

because I didn't want my grandma to be mad at her boyfriend 
(Me, age 5)

this was my essay, published a few years ago.... before the #MeToo's even more relevant today

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Dreams, Canada's Ultimate Tribute to Fleetwood Mac, ROCKS!

I'm in love with my job~  For all the years I spent spinning Fleetwood Mac records I didn't even dare to dream of singing their music in front of people and now here I am, sharing it with everyone, onstage, night after night in town after town!  What an epic band, it's been an incredible couple of years and things just keep ramping up.

You'll see a lot more action  HERE by the way.... on Facebook where Tracy and I run the page and post from the road~

I'll steal a few shots and share them with you now and if you want to know more, like the page for updates. If you want to book the band you can find our manager's contact on our webpage HERE!

love and light to you all~


Monday, November 28, 2016

My guitar art (Society6, Rachael Chatoor) at the Vancouver Guitar Show

Well my friends,  another year complete at the Vancouver Guitar Show.
This year I brought a load of Society6 samples, since every time I share the links for people to buy their items with my artwork on them, I'm asked about the quality so I wanted to show everyone in person.

You can buy this shirt HERE

The most guitarious gig towels ever!!  LINK

Rather than offering canvas paintings for a few hundred dollars and up, I brought items that were all under $100! 

I met many friends who were visiting the show like this lovely lady whom I painted last year. 

She bought a Reimer Bass. 

as well as some of my pillows!  

Rod Macbeth from CKPM-FM bought my awesome vintage mic mug, then played my song Overboard  on the air this morning! 

Lisa (who hosted the Freakrock Jam featuring special guests such as Shaun Verreault) stopped by for a hug and a pic.                  

Overall a fun and successful show! If you want more info on my Society6 products feel free to browse around my store...... or you can start here

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

the Rockingbyrds, live at the Vancouver Zoomer Show

Live clips from the Zoomer Show, Vancouver, BC
featuring Jeff Neill, Rachael Chatoor and Russell Earl Marsland performing samples of their acoustic covers of classic favorites and originals.

the Rockingbyrds had a wonderful time at the Zoomer Show this past weekend! Here are some taster clips and photos from both successful days! 

Thanks to my fellow Rockingbyrds, the staff at the Zoomer Show, Cris Shandle of Sonic for getting us the gig and to our incredible and special friends who made the trip to see us! 

Rachael xo

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Hitzone, Vancouver Band, at Lulu's Lounge, River Rock Casino!

Shawn Soucy, Tom Arntzen, Rachael Chatoor, Russell Marsland, Billy Mendoza

Our biggest thanks to Paddy Manning for the audience cam videos~ 

                       We had a brilliant weekend at Lulus. Thank you to the River Rock Casino!

Monday, August 24, 2015

summer subbing ~ Nancy Wilson, Stevie Nicks and Frida from Abba!

Well it's been a summer of tributes...I worked hard this year getting ready as a sub-in  for three different  shows. This year I was Nancy Wilson in Barracuda, Frida in Arrival(Abba), and Stevie Nicks in Dreams. Fun times, I had my work cut out for me but all were a great success! 

Pictured are some of the amazing venues and stage shots!  Click the link to get a feel of  the crowds!
I love my job.

At Clearwater Casino and Resort we had a whopping 1600 people standing on their feet and singing and dancing with us...the water as our backdrop was filled with boats.... (picture from soundcheck pre-show)

                     click the link to see live video clip.....   THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT! 

from my turn as Nancy at Edmonton Rock festival! 

Monday, July 13, 2015

the Rockingbyrds, acoustic trio~

The Rockingbyrds instinctively weave a warm musical tapestry of music which perfectly sets the mood for your most exclusive, private and corporate events.  
Featuring Jeff Neill, Rachael Chatoor and Russell Earl Marsland.