Saturday, March 7, 2009

LOVERBOY fan videos, behind the scenes at Live Nation concert

As many of you know, one of my hobbies is shooting/editing home videos and sharing them on You Tube. I do have the opportunity to attend some exciting events behind the scenes quite frequently, and last fall, I took some footage of my pal Kelly Brock while she was at the rehearsals for the BCCMA awards show, which I then edited into a video for her.

To be honest, I was inspired and also grateful to have something more interesting than myself to film and edit for a change. And as I was chatting to Kelly about it one day, we started to consider how lucky we are that we get to do the things we do. That is when we got the notion that it would be fun to do more behind the scenes videos (lol, with all of our free time.......), which is how the idea for a second You Tube channel was born, and how Kelly became my co-host.

So, here you go, welcome to my second home on You Tube [Kelly & Rachael's All Access Pass]

LOVERBOY-PART 1: Backstage at LOVERBOY with the Lovergirls (featuring local songbird, Catherine St Germain)

LOVERBOY- PART 2: Behind the scenes with LOVERBOY music video.

A quick congratulations to the band, who will be inducted into the Canadian Hall of Fame this year at the 2009 Juno awards show, to be held in Vancouver B.C. at the end of March.

LOVERBOY- PART 3: After the show w/ LOVERBOY Mike Reno

Mike is a monster talent, with vocals that will knock your socks off. He is also a very funny, and down to earth guy. For more in depth info on Mike, check out this link to Much Music's where are you at baby? with Mike Reno. (link to Much Music's Where are you at?)

My apologies for the sound crapping out, my camera is the size of a deck of cards, the little built in mic didn't like the monster sound system at the House of Blues/Commodore Ballroom.

Thanks as always to Dee Lippingwell for providing pictures that I could use for running the closing credits over. I love her work, some of my best ever onstage photos come from Dee. It was a pleasure to be on this side of the stage with you Dee, and thanks especially for taking this shot and sending it to me!


Jeanne said...

You have such a cool life!

rachael chatoor said...

And, I am very, very grateful Jeanne! I do have the chance to do some very fun things! xo

Jac said...

What great fun. Just watched all 3 parts. Maybe you should get a job with E Canada.