Saturday, January 3, 2009

coming out soon song CD release and W network show

I am getting quite excited because early this year we will see the results of two projects that I worked on last fall.

Project ONE: is that I will have a song included on a compilation CD release for a website called Stupid Cancer. You see I wrote a song last year, shortly after losing my father to a cancer. I was originally inspired to write the song, after seeing interview of Melissa Etheridge. I admired her so greatly, everything she said about life, love, and learning, made perfect sense to me, and because she went through it, she made me think about what women must feel and endure, and so I began to write a song about a moment in the doctors office when a woman is told she has breast cancer.

One day, in the middle of writing the song, through a moment of tears and brutal realization, it dawned on me that I was using the feelings surrounding the loss of my father to draw from. When that realization hit, some part of me knew, at that moment, that this song would be a part of something very helpful to people with cancer. I did not know at the time, that the song would one day be connected with one of Time Magazines top 50 websites of 2007. Oh Yeah, if you wish to hear the recorded song, it will play when you go to this page on my website:

This video, is the original rough draft of the song, which I posted on You Tube

The other exciting project is a documentary that will be shown on W network. It is a reality documentary called Keeping it Real, which examines the use of non-invasive, non surgical procedures for women that wish to battle aging, but who don't wish to undergo surgery. The audition notes had said they were looking for women with strong stories. So I sent in an audition, I have a pretty strong story, and I had just done a laser technique on my skin, and filmed and posted it on You Tube. So I included a link to the video with my little audition blurb about my busy crazy life. Its a pretty funny video actually, and the film company thought so too, so they chose me to be one of the subjects of the documentary.

It was quite a lot of fun to do this show, the people from Insight films are so super cool and nice, and very positive and complimentary, it was impossible not to feel comfortable. The film crew followed me around while I had some consultations and they filmed me while I had some laser and botox ( which I hated in the end ) done. And of course they needed a back story so they filmed me while I played with my kids, recorded a song, rehearsed at home, and they even shot some footage of me with my band at the casino.

I must say, I am so clever for doing this, because now I will have some professionally shot footage of me with my band that I can use to promote myself and get gigs. I am in no position to pay for this kind of promo, so this was a very synchronistic connection to make. I also included my pal Kelly Brock in the casino shoot. My band and I are a cover band, with only a couple of originals that they play with me. The same band however, has played originals with Kelly, so seeing as I know her background vocals, and the band knows her tunes, I invited her to share the filming gig with me. That way she could get some great footage of her own original material, to use herself, and at the same time, the show, would have more music to choose from which is a little more easily licensed.

Well thats all I have to say about that really, I am just getting excited. Its nice to see the results of past work. Of course I am already onto the next little bunch of projects, I have two demos to learn and sing for people over the next few days, as well as 3 new songs for my casino gig, and a number of different videos to shoot and edit. I will be collaborating with the Vancouver Film School on a video for my breast cancer song, so I will have to find time to do that when the school year starts up again. I have no idea what to expect there, but its going to be a great project, and should be good cross promting opportunity, considering the song will be released on the Stupid Cancer CD. I also have been asked to give an interview about being a female singer in Vancouver, to Rebecca Bollwitt of Miss 604 fame, so thats very very exciting, I admire the lady and look forward to meeting her.

So, busy months ahead, I don't know how often I am going to be able to post, but now that I have started this little blog, I will certainly try to keep it updated.


Pearl said...

To use the pain of something to create is the very definition of art. That is so awesome.

Love it all.


rachael said...

Oh Pearl, its so true, and I have received hundreds of letters and messages from people who found some comfort or understanding from the song. Some say it helped them heal because I said things that their loved ones couldn't.
Some of those very words, I felt like I got from my Dad. If ever there was a mystical collab for me, it was this song. Reading the letters was healing for me too. It made the tears worth it. Thank you for seeing that and posting a commment! I welcome you. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Rachael!
I loved you song. Good for you that you can express it so well! My father was abruptly taken from me by cancer too. A very painful time in my life for sure. You...are a winner my friend. Thanks for following me. I'll be sure to keep a close eye on you as well.
All my best,
~Sweet Cheeks~

Jeanne said...

Just went to your site and listened to your song -- wow! You almost brought me to tears, bringing back the memory of the brother-in-law I lost to cancer when he was 25. Bravo for you!

rachael said...

Jeanne, Sweet Cheeks, thanks ladies for coming by and sharing so kindly with me. You are welcome anytime. ~xo~