Saturday, October 25, 2014

killers don't come from good villages....

lots going on in this world
I sit with fingers poised over keyboards, daily
 ready to voice my thoughts
then I erase them
who am I?
what do I know?
someone is bound to challenge me
and then I will have to go deeper than I ever intended
in effort to find common ground and understanding
I don't always have the energy for that
since it has no use in the end anyhow...
besides blowing off steam

some people never find common ground in the first place
some people are broken
at home
or by us,
usually both
for instance the people who walk into schools and parliament buildings
and shoot to kill
something failed them
and we are a part of that,
like it or not
because killers
don't come from good villages

on the one hand the result of a rampage is more hatred
people are angry and they want heads
so they do and spew the very hatred
which pushed the lonely and misguided killer
down the darkest path they could find  in the first place

and so grows the divide
on every level

be careful
screams of injustice also give the lawmakers
plenty of freedom to put us all in chains
so that you can feel momentarily safe standing behind them
calling out your hatred
fueling their fire

unwitting accomplices....

because the problem we face on this continent
still is not inherent extremeism
the problem is with individuals
they are bullied
they feel isolated
they have metal issues
they fell through the net

see, I don't believe we have an extremeist problem in this country
most of us who live here are good people
most of us  hope the world is good
most of us don't care who's god you have faith in or if you don't
we know we all want the same basic things
for us, for our children
and no matter what or for whom
people who feel free to love others run towards a problem to eradicate it
and we all resonate more deeply when we see it
we call them heros
we feel the power of it because we do want the good
we want the peace
we want the freedom
we want to feel safe
but we will have no peace, freedom or safety anywhere
if people are hating others and someone is suffering somewhere

so fix your village
look around you
see what you can do
make sure no one is suffering
make sure you are not hating
others nor yourself
this is a wound that would fester and poison us all
if we let it
we don't want to let the government
chain us all up for our own safety
we must fix it within
and be the ones who run towards the problem
every single one of us
has the power
to not hate
and do something good
take your power and run with it

rachael  xo

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