Sunday, July 6, 2014

it's worse than pitchforks.

So today I read an article written by someone in the the elusive 1%. Finally, we hear from someone from camp special who might actually have a soul, someone who sees how clunky the economic engine is getting and whom is open minded enough to noting some of the reasons why. Cool. Thank you   for your first step. You have our ears and our attention, now lets see you turn your brothers.

And before you say anything let me offer another thought. The pitchfork thing is an interesting analogy and even possibly correct but it is also  incomplete because there is another possibility.........tell your friends that we are not all barbarians and that we don't want to come with pitchforks.......In fact tell them it's worse, we are losing interest and in these days of information revolution, we are learning. We are learning about ourselves, about each other and also we are figuring out what is truly valuable about living and for the first time in history we have the means to spread that information, organically. We are learning that we don't really even need pitchforks. We are learning to speak with our wallets, by not opening them to you and instead, by opening them to each other. 

Yesterday, for instance I went to paint my sons room. We used Google to find a local garage saler who was selling paint supplies and I filled up for $10. All I had to buy from a store was new paint. That's $50 which is not going into some big corporations till. Admittedly it's a drop to them but it's a fortune to me. You see one thing  I've learned lately,  is that while I am not against you corporations making some money for your efforts, my own dollar goes farther when you aren't involved and so sometimes,  I have  to make a choice to get creative.

I  do it to survive but also to bring more palpable good to my community. I know my money is going back  into my 'local' economy and that painter Joe and his wife down the street can pay their heating bills. Meanwhile that corporation  is probably paying $42,000 for an ice sculpture to be designed for one executive dinner and it makes me feel great that my money is not going to pay for that.

At the same time, I don't begrudge you people your yachts, in fact some of you have spent good money to have me play music on them and for that I am grateful. (I did put one boat to sleep once but I digress). So, I do love it when the wheels of economy are turning. When you rich people invest in the live-arts it beautifies the environment and it connects people on a universal level and for a moment we all feel happy. Personally, you treat us very favorably and I appreciate that. It allows some of us starving musicians to stay afloat...... but just barely, since even the arts have lost their value.

Like many musicians, I am self employed and live  under the poverty line. But here is the rub and its why, despite our percieved  poverty you rich folks also often look towards us with wonder.......we are happy. Deeply, soulfully, happy.....some of you have everything material that we could never have yet you see us onstage, happy. What you see is what you can't buy......freedom of the soul and joy in the heart for doing something that comes from the inside, something that  is intended to connect and communicate. It's magic and you can't buy it.

 And I, along with legions of other inherently happy people, am  naturally inclined towards  motivating other people on how to find the same inner joy, to remind people of its value despite all of your media attempts to imply  that true happiness is found in the things they buy. Happiness can not be found in any 'thing' if you can't afford it. You are doing no one any favors by focusing on making money off of us or enslaving us in debt in order to be like Mr Jones next door. So it's a multi level battle we are dealing with here. But we are succeeding.


Already a new value system is gaining ground.  I know about it because I live it and because  in a time when the internet allows us to reach out to more people than ever, I have the blessing of being able to share my successes with people who happen to be listening.  I am just a regular girl like everyone else and people see that happiness is achievable through self motivation, caring and creativity, something we all are capable of, money or no.... maybe that is why some people listen.

For instance; I posted about our painting/garage sale savings yesterday on facebook and now several people I know have told me they will do the same thing the next time they have a project. So lets times that by six and now next week we have $300 that is not going into your till. The week after that, even more people try out the idea and save more money which also now circulates more effectively, locally (and also outside of your radar). It feels better to us and we find good reasons to leave you, our once trusted brands.............we used to care because you used to care.... but now we don't, because you don't.

Having said all that, would I support the company who puts its money where it's mouth is and delivers something deeper than merely slave wages? Absolutely, and I do, both the big and small ones.  

Anyhow, these are a few tiny moments that they might want  to know about  up there in 1% land so if you could please pass on the message that would be great. I agree with your post and think that the system can not be built on broken backs, you want strong ones and the 1%  need to know that the strong ones are leaving. When you  rich folks cheap out you choke society, you yourselves are  forcing us to clog the system, forcing us to find other ways that don't include you.  

And I do like the system, when it's not choked. I think it can work. I'm not against someone having the reins I just need to trust they know how to drive. I like contributing and having and enjoying things and experiences but not at the expense of happiness, or health. Mine or anyone elses.   

If you 1% ers get conscious, not for the sake of the buck but for the sake of something more elusive and valuable, happiness......and reward people so they can do more than just survive....then people will work hard for it, they will work hard for you. Imagine being THAT innovative..... Its time to make "good values" the hero again for real, not just for on the package.

And if you don't make that change up there in 1% land, it will happen down here anyhow (because we have no choice). I know it sounds crazy. But if you ask me, a revolution is already happening and it's happening through information. And society is buying it.  We are starting to 'get it' and its only a matter of time before we all get it and find a new way without you. There is a small army already assembled and we are getting skilled at hitting you where it hurts most, your bottom line.

I thank you for sharing your insights and I will gladly support a modern 1% er like yourself if you are putting your money where your mouth is....I'd like to see something come of this so I am now following you on Twitter. I hope you have seen a little bit more of us, from what I have shared, we are the ones without pitchforks and we should be even more scary to you.

And so I ask,  how do we take this new understanding of  each other and build a collective army that will build a richer society?  Maybe the way to speak to your 1% brothers is in their own language.  Reassure them that no one really wants to take their power away, tell them that  the more you 1% ers  empower and inspire the masses, the more chance the masses will put their 'hearts' into the game and support you back. A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle, so fire us up........for that is where you will see the most return on your investments.

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Debra said...

A brilliant response to that article. He has some great ideas about how raising the minimum wage to at least $15.00 so that companies can make even more profit. I can get behind that. But the most important currency is caring for your fellow man. Look after others and you will be looked after. It is a motto I follow and I am enormously happy.