Wednesday, April 30, 2014

new songs released in my super exclusive, boutique dollar store

hello friends........ just a note:  two new songs have hit my boutique dollar store 

PS, is the rough draft of everything breaks.....

These tunes drop out of me pretty simply and I record them onto video so that I can remember them....and then later  they hit the studio and get all polished up which is  how they become so divine and exclusive!

Vocals and background vocals....ME!

Production/engineering and most of the instruments for recorded songs thanks to:
Mick Dalla Vee at  Millennia Sound Design 

Thanks to my friends and guests Russell Marsland for bringing his electric guitar magic and adding it to both songs, to  Shawn Soucy for keeping the drum beats on Everything Breaks and also to Kirsten Nash who played sax and bg vox on Everything Breaks.

You, my friends, Rock!

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Daryl said...

Rachael, always amazed by your creativity and style. And you are so humble. You are a treasure. So happy to know and be able to listen to you.