Friday, October 18, 2013

solo acoustic covers demo and songlist, Rachael Chatoor

Chatoor is a native of Vancouver and has been part of the local music scene since the early 90′s. She has worked as a solo artist as well as in collaboration with other musicians as a part of bands like  Barracuda and Hitzone which can be found at soft seat theatres, casinos, festivals and corporate events everywhere. 
Rachael plays solo for events of all sizes ranging from opening slots at large concerts, corporate events, street fairs, festivals and private house concerts.

Sample set list:

Breathe (anna Nallk), Drops of Jupiter, Dont Dream it's Over (crowded House), Everything I Own (Bread), Ironic (alanis Morrisette), Kissed a Girl, Rolling in the Deep, Hurts so Good, Torn (natalie imbruglia), In the Air Tonight, Everybody Hurts, Wild Horses,   Weather with You (crowded house), Listen to the Music, Try (pink), Edge of 17, Just the Two of us, Missing (everything but the girl), Proud Mary, Baby Blue, Fly at Night (Chilliwack), Band on the Run, The Letter, Make it With You, Killing me Softly, Space Oddity, Time After Time,  Black Horse Cherry Tree, No Rain, Signs, Never Tear us Apart (inxs), Joey, Bring Me some Water, Dreams (Fleetwood Mac), Mercy, Rhiannon, What's Up, Thank you, Sandman,  (america), Everything I own (America),  Dont Stop believing, Don't Stop Thinking about tomorrow, Blue on Black, (Kenny Wayne Sheppard), Clocks, She's so High,  What's going on? hey ye ye ye ya (4nonblondes, What's Going On, mother, mother (Marvin Gaye), Angel From Montgomery, Hey Soul sister, Walkaway Joe, Old Man, Don't cross the River, Dont Mess around with Jim, Take it to the Limit, Africa, If everyone Cared, Pumped up Kicks, Far Away, Moves like Jagger, The Reason, Forget you, If you Sleep, Where do the Children Play, With or without you, Amanda, Time of the Season, Like a Rock

Monday, October 7, 2013

I am a pearl clutching Mama

 I wrote this song about five years ago but I only made the video yesterday so  it's hot off the presses... A thank you goes to Miley Cyrus for providing the images I needed,to complete this musical thought..... which had to be being a Mother and all.


 Hey girl with your fancy dress
just who are you trying to impress?
What's it like to get up everyday
just to make sure your make up is all in place?
Gee it must be a big heavy load
 since the whole world cares about your fancy clothes..... hey yeah.
 The front door don't work both ways....
do you know what's inside that place?
Life is more than one big dance
sometimes my dear we second chances...

 Hey girl with your platinum key
what do you want history to say?
You've got everything right on your plate
despite all you could do you choose to play it away
you are not the only one out on the road
surely you can afford someone to drive your Rolls.....hey yah

 The young girls who want to be you
think they are gonna live the way you live
so be loud now, but be proud now
make your choices like we gotta live with them......
even if you don't (no you don't)


You can find the song on   iTunes
Song and video: Rachael Chatoor
Produced by Mick Dalla Vee at Millennia Sound Design
All instruments, Mick Dalla Vee except; Drums: Shawn Soucy,  Acoustic Guitar: Rachael Chatoor,

Friday, July 5, 2013

Barracuda, Canada's essential tribute to promo video!

Fred and Kathy Stephens (and Freddy's incredible road trip)!

One day I walked into the Buck and Ear bar and grille in Steveston, my  regular Wednesday night solo gig and the first person I saw was Fred Stephens. Fred had just the week before told me he had lost his dearly beloved wife Kathy to a long and heroic battle with cancer. Fred and Kathy had spent 5 years together caring for and loving each other through this challenge and the story and his obvious love for her had always entranced me so I always had time to hear how things were going. Anyhow on this day I looked at Fred as I walked in and asked him how he was doing, he responded that he had just received an amazing phone call from a Ford dealership. They said; "hello sir, just wanted to let you know your truck  should arrive any day now...."

Fred: "Huh?  But I didn't order a truck"

Ford:  "Your wife did sir, she called me up and had me come to the hospital a short while ago and we specially ordered you a truck that she thought you would love."

                                                                 Fred and his new truck!

Well anyone who knows me would know this would reduce me to tears pretty quickly. What an amazing thing to do, what an amazing woman. No wonder he loved her so dearly. He told me that as soon as he got his truck he planned to do a tour of Route 66, something on the bucket list, and he was going to take Freddy the teddy bear with him, a bear that came into their lives when she learned of her cancer which held special meaning for them both. Freddy and Fred would travel together and take photos of Freddy in different places and at the end of the trip the bear was to be given to a young girl who was fighting cancer.  I asked Fred to send me the pictures when he completed the trip. He did, and the photos are wonderful......can you even imagine the impact of a big tough guy, carrying around a Teddy bear?

Well I can, and I can show you..... because this is what  happened...........................

Freddy, with picture of Fred and Kathy in the background.

Freddy and the new truck! 

Strapped in and ready to go! 

                               In Alberta, at Sister-in-laws farm with their  12 yr old Great Dane

Kathy's cousin and her daughter.

The next words in italics, are from Fred himself:

Here it is, Saturday May 18th.... 2 mths after Kathy's leaving us and the 5th Anniversary of her being Diagnosed with her Mesothelioma... guess it is "Freddy's" 5th Birthday. 

Just out for a drive, looking around for some possible commercial property to relocate a business to Winnipeg.
Driving around, with no plan... I see a sign blown down and figure it a for lease sign so I turn corner.... and find a Polar Bear.
This would be a great photo for Freddy. 
When I walk up after taking the picture, I then noticed the Pink Ribbon. My heart leaped and I felt a stir, a tear down my cheek. "Friggin Awesome". 

I take a moment then get in truck. Composing myself, I go to head back to main road then decide to turn around and look through the area. A left and a few blocks, I stop... not much to see... I go to turn left then suddenly I go right.. why? I don't know but within 200 yards, I see a HUGE pink cement-mixer. I screech to a stop and stare. 

My arm is covered in goose-bumps as I gaze over at it. Too cool! I see the driver and his daughter beside it having their photo's taken so with Freddy in my arm, I walk over. May I take a few photo's? 
Jason, the driver, says by all means please. It is a car show/fund-raiser for Cancer Care.

After walking around, I go to leave and I thank the organizers..."You can not leave yet" and then in pulls a Pink Fire truck.

It is autographed by Cancer survivors who have been through Cancer Care. 

The Captain, though being ribbed by the guys, holds Freddy.

Sunday, May 19th.... U.S. Customs decides I look to good. Upon entering my truck, I am asked why a Teddy-bear buckled in passenger seat. I then begin my story, with pictures of the last 2 weeks.
I can see these tough Custom's agents getting a lil shook up. "Your story is to sincere so off you go. "1 favor" I ask, "I know I can not take your photo but may I take 1 of Freddy somewhere?"

Into a holding area he goes, along with a fake ticket for not producing a pass-port.

This Sunday was the beginning of all those ugly storms throughout the Mid-West.After driving through a torrent of rain at 15 miles an hour for 2 hrs, my navigation told me to take a detour.....125 mile detour.

Finally, I decide to stop, get some fuel and a bite to eat. Upon entering the restaurant, I am greeted with ALL the staff wearing "Pink", It was Day #1 of their "Cancer Awareness" fundraiser. 

I didn't mention my touring around Florida while I waited for a money transfer for the 1955 Ford pick-up I was buying. I went to the Drag Racing Museum in Ocala, Florida. We wandered around for a few hours, taking Freddy'd pic along the way.

As I was getting into truck, I hear a voice "Now whats a big guy like you doing with a Teddy-Bear?"
I turn around and I am amazed...."Big Daddy" Don Garlits... 17 time NHRA Drag Racing World Champion.

Don and I chatted for almost an hour, him asking about Freddy, my trip and if I liked fishing. Don shared with me that his wife Pat is also fighting Cancer, along with a mild Alzheimers. Don invited us up to Bowling Green, Kentucky... as his guest for the 2nd week of June but I had to decline... but invited him to come here for some Salmon Fishing...

                                 This is the truck I went to Georgia for... because the original car I wanted was sold.

A trip to Florida.... if you love NASCAR, Mecca is Daytona International Speedway...The Earnhardt Memorial, The Winner's Circle and Michael Waltrip's hand prints.

Coming through Oklahoma, I was almost scooped up by a tornado.... time to go home.

I arrived home Sunday, June 2nd....tired and ready for my own pillow.

Monday a.m., I get a phone call... 1 of the counselor's from Kathy's school. If your back, come to Grad nice to hear your stories. So Freddy and I went...not aware that it was going to be very emotional. 

The kids did a presentation video... the first 4-5 mins on the 3 graduating students... then a 5 minute memorial on Kathy. Not a dry eye.

At the end, Murray was standing in front and announced that this years "Spirit Award" was going to someone who has touched everyone's heart. Usually, it is presented to a student but this year, a special lady is getting it. "Fred. please come up here"

I accepted the plaque for Kathy, and then took it to the entrance of the school and placed it on the wall, beside the credo for the school

So that's the incredible story of  Freddy's road trip and it tells the legacy left by a special woman who touched everyone she met, and even those who were not blessed to meet her. I will say it now and say it forever, I think Kathy's energy was on that trip backseat driving, directing Fred and Freddy to go where she wanted them to go and together they were sharing her message.

And I am very fortunate to have my job because I get to meet people who are out there making a difference and connecting with others and spreading good energy around. I feel honored that I was told this story and allowed to share it with you. Hopefully it will inspire you to make a difference in your own special way.

xoxoxo hearts and love to Kathy, your message of standing strong is still being heard, you are so very loved.

Friday, April 12, 2013

too much teen suicide~ bullied? call to talk to someone now

call this number to find someone to talk to completely anonymously, if you need to talk..... Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868

It's heartbreaking how easy it is to find images of Teens who have killed themselves due to bullying, for me to make this video it took no time to find several examples. Even one is too many and here are a litany.

We need to find out what is it about a school that finds itself talked about because students are accepting of a special needs teen and offering him the winning shot in a basketball game, as opposed to another school somewhere else which say...finds themselves glaring in the media spotlight only because their students were allowing bullying that got so bad someone killed themselves?

What are we teaching our children?

Remorse too late, is too late. How do we inspire kids to greatness now, not after someone dies? How do we get them to want greatness for each other and to help each other achieve it so that ultimately they ALL can live in a better world?

Until we figure it out there are sad and unhappy kids who don't know yet that it will get better, it REALLY will get better if they just reach out and take a hand, make a call and talk to someone. It will get better and you will come out stronger.... so fight.
Call and someone who will help you fight.

Song Baby Blue originally written and performed by Chilliwack To find my version, look for the iTunes link

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Just a little video clip of the Indestructibles, at the Boulevard Casino

This is another one of the wonderful bands I have the pleasure of sometimes singing with. The fabulous Indestructibles! I love doing big background vocals and this band gives me that experience~
The Indestructibles: Featuring John Delaney, Brian Newcombe, Darrell Mase, Kristian Alexandrov, Tim Hearsey, Derry Byrne, Jerry Cook, Rachael Chatoor, and Catherine St Germain. (and when it is not me singing with them it is the wonderful Kelly Brock) Take care everyone! Rach

Friday, February 22, 2013

Original painting slideshow~ (Ed Henderson's guitar)

Yesterday I delivered this custom painting to Ed Henderson, he plays guitar for the band Chilliwack and he also writes and composes incredible acoustic music, this is a representation of his beloved guitar. Afterwards I went home and made a slideshow of the evolution of the painting and set it to one of his original compositions, here it is, enjoy!


Sunday, February 17, 2013

ooooooooh Barracuda! (with special guest Roger Fisher)

Terry Gibbard, Curtis Michael Leppi, Rod Knowlan, Donna Caruk, Rachael Chatoor, Bob McIntosh
So out of the blue one day, I got this call from a lady named Donna who said she has a Heart tribute band named Barracuda and I thought....oh cool someone is finally asking me to sing some Ann Wilson! But it turned out she is the one who sings the Ann (and she just nails it by the way) and she was calling to ask me if I wanted to learn Nancy's parts. Nancy's parts?
I  laughed out loud at her...."I don't play guitar!  I mean, I ok yes play guitar but I don't play like "guitar goddess" guitar like Nancy does. I'm all strummy strummy and stuff".
She chuckled and said she had seen me play and said she had faith in me and then she started telling me about the project and she basically reminded me that I could do anything I wanted to, I just had to set my mind to it. So I agreed to meet with her and her co-bandmate (and musical director) Rod and after a couple hours of chatting, doing harmonies and me playing  guitar on the one Heart song I knew at the time, we agreed we were going to make it happen. For a few months then, I hung out in the woodshed learning first the material and then how to play it. During that time I received enormous help from Rod Knowlan who made fantastic and unusual charts that actually worked for me and gave me a clear and focused path to walk which would surely lead me to success, if I only applied myself.
And apply myself I did because I was so inspired. You see I also bought Nancy's instructional DVD to help me learn a few basics and in watching and studying her work I just came to adore her. There were moments in the video where she would say cute things like: 'well there is this little strange thingy I do here and I don't know the name of this chord exactly but someone you know who plays will probably tell you it if you need to know it and any case it looks and sounds like this..........'! 
I laughed when I heard that for it I related so easily to her, and I loved so much that it felt like Nancy just by virtue of being herself gave me permission to carry on trying 
even though I only know what I know.
And so it's not only because of the great project itself but I also have Nancy and her kind essence and amazing work that I wish to hold up and honor. It's motivated me on so many levels to push myself much farther than I have ever pushed myself before and well.... I am always grateful for those growing experiences and the people who inspire me to make them happen. 

I got a message one day that our first show would be in a couple of months at Blue Frog Studios and that we would be doing video for our EPK and............ whoa wowo, first gig eh? I think I said to them: ...."You guys do remember this will be my first time doing this material, I'll have no charts and I'll also be playing two brand new (to me) instruments right?"
And it was like..."Yep"
That's it. I didn't get any coddling or babying or nothing........ I was just expected to be ready. 
So, I picked up my guitar and kept practising and learning.
Then the show date was right there on top of us and we started hearing a rumor from  friend and former booking agent for the band Heart, Barry Samuels, that brothers Roger and Michael Fisher (you know Roger Fisher the original guitarist for Heart who co-wrote songs like Barracuda and Love Alive, and Michael Fisher the "Magicman" himself who was the bands manager as well as everything else important and integral to the band)........would be coming to the show.
huh? I was a little stunned, I must admit.
I  decided there was only one thing to do, go out there and rock.
So I picked up my guitar and, you know, did what I've been doing.........only this time I played a hole right into my callused finger. Great, another thing for me to worry about, my fingers are falling off  and I definitely need them.......... however, it was nothing a little crazy glue didn't fix  and I actually felt quite fierce walking onstage with my finger glued back together,
 kinda  like a little musical, warrior goddess.





Terry playing guitar(/keys/vox) was in the same boat as me, this was his first gig with the band. No pressure eh? What a blast it was, so glad to be on this side of it!  And centre stage there is Rod Knowlan on the guitar(/keys/mandolin/vox) and he deserves big, heavy kudos as music director for helping me learn all this fantastic music. I'll also take a moment here to thank bandmates Bob (bass) and Curtis(drums) for being a magnificent rhythm section, you guys power the train and your work together was awesome. And Donna....sister you were the one who pushed me and I thank you, it's an absolute pleasure to sing and play with you and the band. 
And at the very end of it all we had the pleasure and privilege of having Roger Fisher join us onstage for the last three songs and let me tell ya... it was off the charts. On one hand there were moments I was dangling in slow motion saying to myself focus, pinch yourself, be here this is happening........ and the rest of the time it was just a mad, fantastic, surreal, complete blur whizzing by! It only all comes completely together when I watch the videos  to be honest.


Donna, Roger, Barry, Me

Roger Fisher, Me, Michael Fisher
Photo credits to Dave McKenzie and Don York and more can be seen on Barracuda's facebook page...HERE......and also thanks to Don Snell for sharing the videos and photos......Don was a drummer for the great Sweeny Todd you can check out more of his videos here on his You Tube channel.
And finally I can't possibly leave this post without including this bit of epic breaking news for Heart fans everywhere.....Heart’s leading front-women, Ann and Nancy Wilson, along with the entire original male lineup of the band, will perform together for the first time in 33 years, at the 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.about the original memeber of Heart.
see more HERE
Stand by for official videos and EPK coming to you from Farting Puppy Productions.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rachael Chatoor, acoustic solo covers video from Bistro 72

Below is a bunch of clips from a little iPhone video taken last night at Bistro 72 while I was doing my solo acoustic show. If this looks and sounds like something you would like to hear at your event, party, venue, show or festival please send inquiries to rachaelchatoor at hotmail dot com

All songs are cover songs except for Everything Breaks which is my original song. (see my Reverbnation profile for recorded version, Thanks!)

Enjoy.  Thanks for the visit!