Sunday, July 8, 2012

Solo with a sidekick!
Just thought I would share a cute clip that my friend Rae took of last nights solo gig at the Boot and Sombrero here in Delta. My daughter who has a magnificent voice but never wants to sing with me in front of anyone, decided suddenly to loiter around the stage for most of the night and she even stayed behind with me hanging out onstage rather than go home with her Dad and the crew after they all petered out.
Previously, the idea of her being even NEAR the stage has been unheard of!

She's such a funny girl, I know how badly she wants to do it, she'd just hang around wishing silently all night long I'm quite sure. She really just has to get brave enough to believe in herself. Everyone else does.

She has to get up there and say I can sing a song and make you smile and sing along.
Hey friends it's may usually see me singing and strumming with a band at the casinos, convention centers, pubs, festivals or in restaurants but guess what? Music travels and I can bring this little set up right into your home for your special event. So if you are having a big bash this coming summer, fall, winter or spring and would like to have live music for your friends to enjoy this is pretty much how it's gonna be! (see videos)
Get in touch with me for prices and availability. Sidekick not included.
rachaelchatoor AT