Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Walk for Kids Help Phone, Walk so Kids can Talk .....Baby Blue

I have been attending and playing for the   Walk for Kids Help Phone  over the last three years and it has become a cause very dear to my heart.  I've often felt that I could have used the Kids Help Phone when I was a kid and I might have a few less bags to unpack today, had I had someone to talk to back then.

So, I sang the song Baby Blue at a volunteer luncheon last year and I actually saw people wipe away tears as I sang it. I realized it was quite beautiful how this song articulated so well what the volunteers at Kids Help Phone do for children. It suddenly became a purpose in my life to bring this song and the cause together so I am very proud today to be able to share this with you.

Maybe it will get some kids attention and they will see that they have a place to call if they need help. 

And if you would like to help, donate or join now!
Sign up at this link to join the Walk so Kids can Talk this May 6th 2012..

            Below you can click the pictures to visit some of the Kids Walks corporate sponsors. We thank them for their dedication to breaking the silence.

Thank you to Bill Henderson for writing this truly iconic song. Soon after I began to sing it at my live performances I realized just how well loved and important this song is to not just me but all people.
You can find Chilliwack's flawless original recording of Baby Blue on iTunes here: http://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/chilliwack-greatest-hits/id385052642

Millions of thanks to Mick Dalla Vee of Millennia Sound Design for production, engineering and recording.
Vocals; Rachael Chatoor
Electric Guitar;  Russell Marsland
Acoustic Guitar; Paul Tobin
Bass, Piano, Classical Guitar, BG Vocals ; Mick Dalla Vee
Drums/percussion; Shawn Soucy
Big hugs and thanks to  Saffron Henderson and Camille Henderson for lending their gorgeous voices to the background vocals.

And big thanks to my band Hitzone who will be playing at the Vancouver walk with me this year on May 6th!

See you there!
Rach xo

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