Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gigging with HitZone at the fabulous Commodore Ballroom

The last time I was at the Commodore I was backstage shooting video of Loverboy for Kelly and Rach's All Access Pass. Last weekend I was fortunate enough to not just be backstage, but onstage.
And oh what a stage,  it was magnificent....I felt free as a bird!
The Commodore Ballroom. It's a legendary venue and many of the greatest bands and musical acts ever to pass through Vancouver have performed there over the years. Getting the opportunity to perform up on that stage is something of a massive thrill, not to mention a complete cakewalk as the staff and sound technicians at the Commodore treated us like gold.

So, I thought I would share some of my behind the scenes iPhone pictures from last weekend as my band HitZone played at the Commodore for a corporate event. I only took pics at soundcheck, but some of the band members took some live shots which I thought I would share also!

At sound check, I walked into the beautifully set up venue... Wow! It already felt like a party.

Russell Marsland, guitar genius and soul man getting his tones and sound set up during sound check.

Shawn Soucy, dialing in his monitor sounds so he can drive the bus with his solid, funky, outstanding beats and rhythms.

Billy Mendoza, grooving, driving the bus with Shawn and keeping the low notes .

Tom "check, check, hook me up with a wireless cause I'll probably jump into the crowd and party with the dancers"  Arntzen.

Outstanding horn players Bill Abbott and John Korsrud joined us for the night!  (Sorry John I only had this shot where your back is turned...)

And then, we took to the stage.....and oh what a night!

I love my job, so much!
Just thought I'd share a little peek with you all!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Hugs, Rach!