Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BareBones live acoustic music at Mavericks.

Looking for a good place in the Surrey, Cloverdale, Langley area to watch some great live music?

Tuesday nights at Mavericks you will find BareBones acoustic night. Sometimes I'm on the bill, such as last night where I brought the totally talented Russell Earl Marsland along with me. Russell normally plays guitar in my band Hitzone so this acoustic thing was brand new and different for us and just a pile of fun. I thought I might send a thanks to my friends Wayne and Lory who came out for a listen and captured this song and posted it on You Tube before I even got home, it's just a sneak peak of what  you can expect if you hit Mavericks on a Tuesday.

And on that note, I  thought I would send a prop to Mavericks for their support of live music, Don Taylor really gets a hold of some amazing local talent and if you enjoy acoustic music, all of his acts are top notch all the way. Many of the artists are  people who have been featured here on my blog, Dan Hare, Mick Dalla Vee, Brent Howard to name a few.  There are some really serious players in the rotation, folks who on a regular day of work can usually be found up on a concert stage playing to thousands and yet...... if you come down to Mavericks on a Tuesday night they are right in front of you in an intimate setting, playing songs you love and lighting the room with pure talent.

Thanks to Mavericks for making that happen.
They also serve a seriously mean burger....totally worth the visit.

Cheers, hope your summer  rocks.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rock the Shit out of Cancer!

Spotted on Facebook:

Gene Greenwood wrote--- My Good Friend 'Rachael Pachel' was my first live video shoot after surviving Cancer... Now this is the 500th video since that day. I thought this was significant as it involves Rachael, a Cancer Benefit, my girlfriends ( Christina Carrick ) first solo Shoot and my 500th Video.

Cool story.

PS. also spotted at the Rock the Shit out of Cancer benefit.....