Saturday, March 5, 2011

dinner's ready! ~cooking with rach~

There was once a time when my entire day was devoted to changing diapers, caring for the house and cooking meals for my family. Fortunately the diapers are now gone and the children are older but like other working Moms I no longer have all day quite so free to focus on planning a menu so I've had to learn how to make super quick and easy meals out of scraps of leftover nothing sometimes. Handy because I don't use recipes. Trying to please young palates and still getting veggies into them is always my goal. If I can sneak nutrients in in any way by chopping them up small and hiding them in sauces or under cheese, then I do that. If I do say so myself my food is simply delicious, even it is kinda fattening. I'm no expert on anything but I don't think we should deprive ourselves of the joy of delicious eating so do eat well, but moderate. (That's my tip for getting away with all the naughty ingredients).

One day I took a shot of my dinner with my iPhone and was surprised how well it turned out for an iPhone shot. It sparked a number of picture essays which I've been sharing lately on my facebook and it's been suggested  that I put the series in a collection somewhere together online, rather than just  in random untidy posts.  
So I filed them in an album called Cooking with Rach which you can see here.
Here are a few highlights:


rach  xo

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Anonymous said...

ok miss fancy pants iphone owner, those meals look wonderfully delicious, especially the pizza one. I really like rock creek ciders and strongbow, much more than the sweeter ones.