Saturday, February 12, 2011

Egypt and the the Who's from Whoville

I started watching the happenings in Egypt basically from day one and one of the major things that impressed me as it grew was their steadfast dedication to remaining peaceful. Even in the face of brutal beatings and taunting by the opposing thugs they stayed true to their message and carried their protests in peace.
The real turning point of the uprising in my mind happened the day after all the worst of the violence and bloodshed. Despite the regimes cowardly efforts to bully the people into submission, the uprising grew larger and even more peaceful.

When I woke up to the news that morning it sent shivers up my spine. I was so pleased to feel like a part of our human collective got it right and figured out how to truly gather peacefully to make change and to do it on such a wide scale...... THAT is why I wear rose colored glasses, because I do believe that most people/humans want peace and good and the power of that does not have to fall in fear under the shadows of bullies and tyrants. Even though bullies exist, we really don't have to let them rule.

The tipping point that connected people I think was literally 'connection'. Social media was the spark. The ability to pass on the message to each other is what allowed them to galvanize over a shared emotion, it started this movement. Incredible.

It's amazing because this has been unlike any other time in history as far as sharing information goes, and even though the govt shut down the Internet in the early days of the unrest, I think enough people had been reached. They had felt it and clearly they recognized themselves in each other, the saw that they ALL had been very unhappy people for a long time and suddenly they were unwilling to settle for it.

When death becomes a more attractive option to you than living under the same depressing conditions, then you have no choice to stand up for yourself and try to institute change.

And they were smart enough to know that they would lose the message by doing anything other than having a unified and peaceful protest. Good for them. It's inspiring to the core.

Yes, that day after the violence when they all came out to the square like the little Who's from Whoville to sing around the empty Christmas tree..........for me at least, I had this real sense that this uprising might actually be able to sustain itself all the way to a successful revolution.

It was an incredible moment yesterday when he stepped down, today on the news they showed people rejoicing in the streets......, you could feel the country breathe again.

I will be very curious to see how the military handles the transition. I hope they are smart about it, or at least choose for themselves to make an impressive mark in history. They could be instrumental in building something amazing if they just travel ahead 'with' the people and really focus on building a new country with them.


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