Sunday, July 18, 2010

anthems at Nat Bailey Stadium, Vancouver Canadians!

On July the 12th I had the great pleasure of being asked to sing both the Canadian and US anthems for the Vancouver Canadians game against Yakima at Nat Bailey Stadium.  In the half hour before the game started, as people were strolling in to watch the game  and I decided to stand outside with my guitar warming up my voice while offering some complimentary entertainment. (and I got to snap this pic with  this dude.........)

Just before the game started I was ushered onto the diamond where I would be waiting to fulfill my role in the nights production. And production it was. Nat Bailey Stadium and the Canadians (along with sponsors like Scotiabank and Rogers) put on one heck of a cool night that all the members of your family can enjoy, and for such a great price as well. I was so tickled to see so many people taking advantage  because from everything I observed it really fosters  a feeling of connectedness between a family and it's community. So I'm posting the pics and a video as well as sharing some links to the website which is where you will find the schedule and directions to purchase tickets.

I got a good luck smooch before I went on.......

My friend Rae took this video and she apologized to me for the sound quality at the beginning but to tell you the truth I think the sound issue is more because I was nervous and as a result I was crowding the microphone  (which means I caused the distortion myself).  Truth be known though, I'm less worried about that and more delighted that I remembered the words....

The Canadian anthem is easy, I could sing it while I am  sleeping but the US anthem is just something I never learned. So in preparation for this night I set myself on a mission to learn it and by game day I could sing it flawlessly (as well as in a higher key) in my car, shower or living room.  But I had this feeling that once I got  up there all nervous and excited, there was a chance I would go brain dead and forget the lyrics anyway. Now normally this wouldn't be a big, big problem  (to forget a line from a song), I am pretty adept at singing the right notes and just making up the words so you in the audience don't really notice it when I flub, but with the US anthem............well lets just say  there is no room for wiggle room.  I felt saftest with a back up plan. 

It's always the first words of the line of a song that I forget so, often keywords are all I need. Seeing as I didn't want to hold a piece of paper I did the next best thing........which no one was supposed to find out about until my friend Rae asked me while we were sitting in the stands............ " Why do you have writing on your hand?" I immediately mimed myself singing the anthem which showed her that were I holding a microphone, I would be able to see the writing on my hand right there in front of me without looking like I was looking at anything other than straight ahead...........;) She laughed and said she had to take a picture

As we settled into watching the game I was delighted over and over again by all the activity going on, the bouncy castle for the kids, the mascots, vendors  and between inning entertainment..... My favorite had to be when the groundsmen stopped right in the middle of grooming the field and started breakdancing, HA! They were awesome and had the crowd cheering!  So much to look at, so much to do and it seemed as if everyone was walking around  with a smile on their face.  Yeah.  Take me out to the ball game.


Many thanks  to my friends and family who came out to enjoy the night and support me through my bundle of nerves moment.  And thank you to the Vancouver Canadians for having me there!

Rach xox

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Anonymous said...

I've heard many good things about Nat Baily and the atmosphere there. I wish we had something like that over here but we don't have the population to support it. Last winter I went with a friend and his 2 sons to a hockey game. The players age range from 17-20. We left the game early because the amount of swearing etc coming from the players and coaches. The disrespect to the refs. It was apalling and this is what they promote as good family entertainment? I'm all grown up and I can get by it, but my friends boys don't need to see or hear that.