Thursday, June 10, 2010

swearing and naughty and out there, oh my!!

I was reading Jen's awesome blog,  which directed me to another blog that I had not been to before and ....well..... I have visited this new blog a few times now because this girls writing makes me laugh out loud.  Its just hilarious and brave, which I enjoy and admire, because I am not the same kind of brave. I just can't seem to swear or dirty joke very well at all.

Yeah I do live in cartoon land, flowers grow everywhere and birds chirp as they fly by carrying dew drops on rainbows.  That is what I choose to put out there, it's what I choose to see, how I reflect.  If  I am going to leave a footprint or a feeling lying around the place,  then (for me) it just feels right for it to be glowing. 
I actually blush and cover my mouth and apologize if I swear by accident, and yes I feel a little silly about doing that. Swearing and off colour jokes just don't  feel right on me so I choose not to say them out loud, it looks pretty ridiculous when I try........I'm  like the nerd trying to be cool. Which isn't so cool.  Having said that,  while I can't deliver certain brands of humour.......  I can absolutely appreciate it.

 Some of my favorite bloggers for instance seem to be girls with attitude, women  who write really well but often swear like truckers and say things that make me gasp a little..... the point of view they offer is often so funny and ironic and I LOVE reading them.  I sit and laugh out loud at the computer wishing I had the guts and ability to write like that myself, but I can't, I can't even think that funny.  At least I can be grateful there are people in this world to entertain me so, and I would be remiss if I didn't pass the share on that Jen started. 

And this is your fair swear warning for all you Mommy types with kids hanging around..... there are dashes colour in the very relateable writing.....and it's  awesome funny.

So.....did you read it?  She had me wishing again that I could be that cool actually, but then I started thinking about something,  I do have music to pull into and I am grateful for that .  I am  learning to be more comfortable all the time, it really does hit something for me. Esp with the help of this internet world where I can peek into the thoughts of others and be inspired by those who are willing to put themselves out there.

 The below video is a rough draft I wrote a year ago last Jan  at a turning point which set me on a journey of pushing myself musically and letting crap out creatively. I  love looking at this video  and seeing this girl, knowing  how cheeky she was, how far she has come, how many times she has fallen, where she led herself, what she gained, what she lost, what she saw, what she knew, what she hid, what she revealed, where she was brave, and where she got stuck.  I just look back at it all and see all of this and I love that girl, she hit it head on. Sometimes we don't even see ourselves until we can look backwards.

So anyway, I was reading Raeleigh Jane's blog being all inspired to reach even further inward and it got me thinking that's all..........and...that's all I got for you, except perhaps this.......

You know what  touches me deeply?  When I open an email and see someone has taken the time to share their story and tell me that they felt something because of something that I wrote or sang.  That's really a cool feeling, and I appreciate the window into another humans journey for it is an honour.  Today someone asked me where they could buy one of my songs and I responded as I usually do, I  emailed her the MP3 and said its a gift. Because it is a gift.

With Hearts....Rachael xo


Stephen Pallavicini said...

I've learned in life that you need to stay within your comfort zone. That does not mean that you don't stretch take risks, but you stay within certain parameters. Your blog has a voice that is uniquely you. Reinventing yourself is very difficult. and why do it. Keep on doing what you do. It is lively, introspective and interesting. What more would you or we want.

rachael chatoor said...

You are right Stephen, thank you for that. :)

Anonymous said...

Similarly, I've never been one to swear much. On occaison something pops out but I find they can be so overused thay lack impact. I'm not offeneded by swearing but to me it's not part of being an articulate person and we should be able to get our thoughts and points across without it. The other thing is swears tend to be such harsh sounding words. I'm not eure but I'm thinking to this day I haven't swore in front of my mom or siblings, maybe the odd damn. Hmmm..could be part of the reason for our distant relationship.

rachael chatoor said...

Yeah Kelly, I don't really have a problem with what other people do either, I just think it looks dumb on me, particularly the off colour jokes, I love to read em, or watch people deliver them, I just can't seem to pull off telling them.

Bennet said...

Love your music. Very pretty voice.

I'm glad you've found blogs that aren't photo albums of decor, kids, or pets. I have no issue with profanity, which is usually what I shout when I come across blogs with decor, kids, or pets.

karensomethingorother said...

Thanks for checking out my blog, Rachael. It's always nice to see new faces :) I enjoyed reading your stuff, and when I get another free minute, I'll check out your music!