Tuesday, May 4, 2010

League of Rock bands take the stage~

LEAGUE OF ROCK Midway Showcases Session 3! 
Over the last few weeks the members of the League of Rock had their first midway showcases, and today's blog is a photo diary of the two performances. ( thanks as always to Sharylin Boshaw once again for the excellent photos )  These events are amongst my favorite in the league. The midway is the moment where the bands first  get their feet wet performing onstage in front of the other bands and the light in the room intensifies. The first performance was held at NAL sound in room 10, a larger rehearsal space with a raised stage and extra room for all the other bands and their guests  to sit and watch from.

Our coach for the first midway was Tal Bachman and with  keen perception Tal zeroed in on everyone's strengths and gave them props as well as  focused on the points each band had been struggling with  the most as he offered his  insight on ways they could  improve things and come together as a unit.  People were clearly very interested in all  he had to offer and members gathered around him gratefully absorbing every word that he had to share. This was also the night that  Randall (one of the fellas who won his membership from the Liquid Metal Guitar contest held  right here on my blog)  had a one on one sit down with Tal to talk shop work a few licks. Randall walked away exclaiming (rightly so) at what a nice guy Tal is and told me he really enjoyed the session and was very grateful for the time and input that was graciously given. NAL sound were kind enough to lend us a room to make this happen, so great big thanks go out to everyone, it was a very successful first midway all around! 

So after one more week of rehearsal to work on all they had learned, our bands hit the big stage at the Yale with new perspective and energy and the whole night turned into a real thrill for everyone. The bands really came together and the coaches for this workshop Shaun Verreault and Shari Ulrich did an outstanding job as usual. Shaun who had seen these bands  in their earliest days said he really saw a huge improvement and gave everyone the kudos they so deserved as well as some excellent advice they could take home with them to work on. Shari being fully enamored of this whole process gave spot on advice and just had nothing but positive energy to give to the members. I even took some advice as I observed that her  suggestion to one of the members that he needed to stop looking at the neck of his guitar was advice I really needed to embrace myself.  I looked over and said to her, "you know that is really good advice for me too", and  she responded, "It's a lesson I had to learn myself.  Your hands do know where to go, you just have to trust them".  Yes, so true. The beautiful thing about music, is that we never stop learning. Thank you Shari! xo  Shari by the way has her CD release party this Friday (May 7, 2010) at St James Hall and it is going to be a fantastic show so please consider coming out to support her!  And Shaun, I recently  heard is gearing up to open for ZZ Top on their upcoming tour......YEAH! Nice work coach, break a leg sir!!

Even past League of Rock members showed up to show their support! Hey Loralee! xo

So what's next you ask?
Next we welcome Topher Stott from Toronto, who will be flying in to produce the bands at Nimbus recording studios. All the bands will be laying tracks to their best song and mark my words, this will be a thrill for many as it is an absolute first and an experience perhaps out of reach otherwise!  So, still on the rollercoaster we ride, just another twist in the story, another rush of excitement in-store for our part time rockers  who are all real, nice, regular folks like you and me, who love to just check out of their day job once in a while to come live the rock n roll dream!  

See you soon, xoxo  Rach!


Kara Bentley said...

Great pics of everyone! Much Love Kara

rachael chatoor said...

Thank Sharylin for most of them! :)

Saffron said...

That looks like a blast, Rachel!!!
Now, thank you very much for sharing our concert/blog info with your friends......wanted to comment back to you on our blog but then I'd be entering my own contest (?)....so here I am visiting you! Thanks again for the support! Lots of love, peace, music, all around good times!
PS--also loved the coverage of Mike Norman's night....way to document a fantastic event filled with LOVE

Jewelz said...

Love it Rachael. Love to see people pursuing their dreams!

rachael chatoor said...

Thank you Jewelz, it is nice to see you. I love seeing it too, having been there myself, it really brings me back to my own firsts, it is a real honour to be a part of their experience.

Hey Saff, love ya beauty, I can't wait to see you and your sis on Sunday. Our chick singer get togethers are always the BEST! xo