Saturday, April 3, 2010

League of Rock photo blog!

Rehearsals at NAL, League of Rock
 photo blog!
                    Liquid Metal membership winner Randall (pictured above)
Thought I might share the first few sessions of the League of Rock  rehearsals in a photo blog today. It's been a blast so far, getting ready for what is to come next. There were so many shots to choose from, I'll pretty much let the pictures speak for themselves.
By the way, next week we hit the famed  *room 10* at NAL Jamspace to prepare for our mid-way showcase at the Yale. This is where the newly formed bands will for the first time perform their songs for the other members of the league. For many it will be their first 'live' performance and I can just feel the nervous excitement!  ~woot~

pic: Rach and Rob Boshaw ( LOR Chapter Head)

 "Fun and scary all at the same time" is how coach Shaun Verreault (Wide Mouth Mason) so aptly summed up the LOR experience during a recent session. Shaun is sizzling in the scene nowadays and our members are fortunate he so regularly joins the cast of esteemed coaches
who are willing to share their time and experience.
If you are a true admirer of great  musical talent do yourself a favour and 
check out the  video I'm posting below!


So the best story ever goes like this: I was chatting to my Liquid Metal membership winner Randall, and he told me he read my recent blogpost (where I mentioned him and his winning the contest) while his 4 year old daughter was sitting in his lap. He reported that when he came to the part of the story where he told me his daughter was the 'sunshine of his life' she stopped him mid-sentence and asked wide-eyed...."Did you really call my your sunshine Daddy?" I a felt whole wave of whoosh when he told me that. Coolest story ever.

And for the musical portion of the program today I direct you to this amazing video shot by my pal Gene Greenwood of Farting Puppy Productions.  This video features our own coach Shaun playing a Liquid Metal Guitar at the Yale in one of the most solid musical line ups you could possibly hope to watch. Mike Norman(keys), Dennis Marcenko(bass), and Jerry Adolphe(drums). Man this really smokes! Enjoy~

Just keeping you looped, see you soon!

Rach xo

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