Monday, March 1, 2010

Toys, toys, wonderful toys!

Toys Toys Toys!!!

OK, so I had this idea to go hang out at my favorite store Long & McQuade to just noodle around with the guitars and chat to people about the League of Rock and it turned into a super fun and inspiring afternoon. Not only was I was surrounded by creative and musical souls everywhere I looked, I also had a microphone in front of me that allowed me to just burst into song whenever I wanted to. It was like, living in the Sound of Music but with more classic rock.  And I'm not bragging here, but to be able  to just walk in and take my pick from the gosh darn fanciest guitars in the store and then plug them into the prettiest sounding Bose system ever then given the stool of honour to sit on, well, that was like going to school on  the best field trip day ever!

With Rob Boshaw Vancouver Chapter Head  for the League of Rock.

I was delighted to see my friend Stephen from my first LOR band Know Mercy who came down to support us, Stephen and I held each other up through a lot of  our own personal firsts during the inaugural Vancouver session of the League and I think it was brilliant that he came to support me in this 'first' of mine. 
I've said it before I will say it again, you rock Pallivicini~

A number of interesting people came and sat down to jam with me which was fun and totally in the spirit of the League. I also just had to stop this dude before he left the store ( thanks for coming back fella) that red strat you see?  It's made out of Lego. Awesome.  

See this teeny tiny set up? It's from Bose ( you don't even need the mixing board as the speakers are powered with a plethora of inputs, but I would recommend using one seeing as a mixing board will make use while playing more functional )

This is the stack of speakers, is this SLICK or what? I'm totally in love with them, in fact, I think I would have kissed them if everyone wasn't looking. ;)

Now I know you are thinking.... how can these little bitty baby things sound like anything? Well, I'll tell you this, I've played on a lot of PA's large and small and  the sound of these things  blew me away. For a singer songwriter, duo, trio type ensemble, I think it is a GORGEOUS system. As a matter of fact, as GM Scot  Buchanan was thanking me for playing at the end of the day, I found myself  thanking him, for letting me play with all of his toys. Of course, like anything that is top of the line, this system is not cheap.
 But if you've got the cash, I would wholeheartedly say, two thumbs up!

My last jamming guest was General Manager of Long & McQuade Vancouver, Scot Buchanan. I think this  was the perfect way to end the day.  I just love when the staff of any company get to see their boss be put on the spot and I love it even more if I am in some way responsible for it!  Of course Scot is a player so it's not like it was rough for him to get up there, and the truth be told he actually rocked,
but still, it was a nice break in the program for all I think!

To those of you that made the trip, thanks for coming out. I know I had a blast and I am seriously thinking that doing this kind of thing will really help improve my guitar playing a great deal, so collect your  groove and do stay tuned to this blog or to my Facebook page for  future
announcements telling you when we will do this again~!


And we will see you on Wednesday night at the Yale!

For more info on the LOR kickoff and how you can 'riff' you way into the League, click this LINK!

Rach xo

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