Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Olympic gigs and backstage videos!

Talk about a celebration! The Olympics 2010, hosted right here in my hometown!  I was not particularly looking forward to the Olympics as I'm not interested in standing in lines or waiting in traffic pretty much ever, for anything, but it all turned out to be pretty easy to deal with in the end and I must admit I got swept up in the excitement. Overall for Canada,  I think that we put on a bright and positive event that probably inspired children everywhere to try harder and push farther as they move forward and try to emulate their hero's. On a human level that's a good thing. Rather than worry about the politics of the Olympics, I'm more interested in how and when they affected people in a good way.

Musically the games were a blessing as musicians from every arena, genre and culture seemed to be represented and given a stage to sing from.  I think that every band or artist who took their opportunity to put on their best show deserves our  admiration.

I sang at the casinos a number of times throughout the Olympics with the fabulous Hitmen. You can catch some of the video promo I made from the footage  that my dear Mother took, in the clip below. Just so you know, the band actually is full of singers and we all equally sing songs throughout the night so it is a very diverse set list... usually............but of course my Mom had control of my camera and she only shot me......... so, I turned it into a promo for my blog. For more info on all of the Hitmen click HERE.

I was also delighted to be able to sing for at least one official Olympic Event  out at the Richmond O-Zone with dear friend Kelly Brock who was one of the artists in the   Musical Expressions concert. Musical Expressions is an ongoing series for local musicians which  features both published recording artists as well as up and coming and locally relevant independant artists. The series is produced and hosted by Cherelle Jardine. Cherelle and I share the same kind of passion and desire to see other people succeed and as a result she is not only a wonderful artist but also a successful promoter. I see good things surrounding her and if you are a musican or music lover, you should visit her website. Definitely take the time to go out and see one of her  Musical Expressions shows if you are interested in hearing your local musicians and celebs in a venue that is up close and personal.

In the meantime why not enjoy our most recent All Access Pass which was just a lot of fun to shoot. It is a true backstage pass video, I shared the day as I saw it through my own camera lens. I even took footage throughout Kelly's whole set while I was singing so that you can see what you in the audience look like to us up on stage.  What a day for music it was, here is your behind the scenes peek!

The musicians in the band Andre Kunkle(keys/bass), Todd Taylor(guitar), and Guido Thylmann(drums). Special guest John Higgins of the smashingly successful trio known as, the Higgins, joined Kelly for a duet which was excellent fun and very well received!  There were a number of acts throughout the day, I was there to film a couple of them as well so this video also features music and behind the scenes clips from my visit with Steven Sainas from  Mud Dog, and Dustin from the Dustin Bentall Outfit .

I leave you with this photo of me and the girls.   I am just so glad to know so many amazing, talented, creative, supportive sisters  in this city. Honestly, all of my girlfriends out there rock with  talent, beauty, creativity, kindness and most of all, heart. 
~Cherelle, Rach, Kelly~

See you soon!

Rach :)


Jewelz said...

Rachael! That video was great, especially the "Crazy On You" clip. That was HOT! I wasn't sure if that was you or Ann Wilson singing... :) What a gift you have.

rachael chatoor said...

Thanks a mucho, I do love that song, I think that was the first or second time we played that, so its an especially nice compliment. :)