Tuesday, March 9, 2010

newly minted League of Rock bands and Liquid Metal winner!

League of Rock
band launch at the Yale!

Well I have been talking about it and talking about it and finally................  last Wednesday we held the kickoff for the third session of the League of Rock and I will report that I left the Yale with a big smile on my face and with the feeling that this was going to be one hell of a fun session. We were delighted that LOR founder Terry Moshenberg flew in from TO to meet all the bands and kick off the third round with us, really there is always an extra level of excitement buzzing around when Terry is in town. I adore it! This was also everyone's first chance to plug in and play one of the Liquid Metal Guitars and I can happily report that the rumours are true, everyone who picked it up thought it was ~sweet~!  I already know it looks hot, and I loved the feel of it myself just as I just strummed it unplugged that day I met it ( by the way this guitar can be heard surprisingly well unplugged) but it's also nice to hear from real guitar players. 

Terry began with an introduction and brief outline to the new members of what to expect and tips on how to make the most of their time in the League.

Next up was coach musician/producer Mick Dalla Vee (Randy Bachman, Bachman Turner, Cease and Desist, Atlantic Crossing, Revolver),  who stepped up to the stage to tell the members that the coaches are there to  help them get them most out of the League and they should feel free to take full advantage of  the advice and information that will  be offered.  I just watched Mick playing last week for the Olympic closing ceremony at the famed Surrey 2010 Celebration site in Holland Park. He and the rest of his band regularly  play with/back up Randy Bachman who was headliner for the big closing ceremony. They owned the stage out there just  like Canada owned the podium. You can see my pics HERE.   They also  include Marc La France on drums and Brent Howard on guitar, just two more of the esteemed coaches that LOR members can look forward to working with this session.

Then we had a little 'riff off' where guitar players in the crowd were
given a chance to try out the Liquid Metal guitar.
It was in this batch of players that I found my Liquid Metal membership winner, Randall! 
I had a feeling about Randall from the moment I walked in, he even beat Terry, Rob and myself to the Yale. He's keen, I liked that. But it was when he got onstage and started playing that I really knew, I could see how much he loves music, that it is in his DNA and that was enough for me. Terry and I had a quick powwow and the announcement was made. :)

Later, I sat down to talk to Randall and found out he is father to a young 4 year old daughter who is the sunshine of his life. It is very clear that his family is his priority. He told me that while he is a busy family man  he doesn't necessarily want to forget about the musician that is a part of him. And he shouldn't, he is good, he should be making music.  I know the League will give him a chance to honour that inner rock star once a week and yet still allow him to be everything he needs to be for his family.........
Randall is an ideal example of who this League is for.
And why I love it so much.  :) 
How cool, I totally made the right choice~


With our Liquid Metal Membership winner decided, we went about the task of introducing the band members to each other.............ROLL CALL!!!!!
The three newly minted bands all sat down to meet each other and start the process of deciding on names and song lists. I can't even tell you how many people were just delighted with the way the bands were put together, the night was just fun and everything seemed to fit. I still don't know how Terry does it but I have watched it happen three times now and it just always somehow works. Maybe it's magic.

Speaking of magic, my dear friend Stephen got up to do a song solo. If you have been following my blog you will remember that Stephen went through the first two sessions of League of Rock and you may even recall that Stephen's  first time on a stage was less than a year ago. Now, to see him take the stage SOLO, after 2 sessions in the League, well, it just impresses the  heck out of me. High five pal. :)     

I actually did manage to get up onstage to play the guitar and found the guitar was beautiful to play,  then the floor opened up and the boys all jammed some blues for a while. Here is a shot of LM membership winner Randall, Terry and Rob Boshaw ( Vancouver LOR chapter head ) closing the night!

So there we have it, the bands are minted, our first rehearsal is Wednesday at NAL sound and
I can't WAIT to hear these bands as they evolve,
We have a lot to do over the next 10 weeks, I'll be sure to keep you looped!  


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