Monday, February 15, 2010

Who are the next Province Playlist headliners? All Access Pass gives you the scoop!

A few posts back I told you about the Province Playlist, a special feature that comes out every Tuesday in the Province Newspaper that  features musicians, bands, and songwriters at all levels of industry from headliners to indy artists.  Thanks to the folks at Hevy D, Music BC, Canwest Global, and Save-On-Foods, you can pick up your Province newspaper every week and find out how to get your FREE music downloads from the days featured artists, there will be a story and a link to the headliner artist as well as thumbnail photos and smaller write ups for some of our own homegrown local indy talent. 

Kelly and I (for our All Access Pass video channel) went to the offices of Music BC and spoke to Barry Stecyk (Hevy D) and  Bob D'Eith  (Music BC) while the two had a pow wow about how the program works, who can benefit, who does benefit and how you can get yourself and your music featured if you want to participate as an indy artist.

For the music portion of our video we had this dream of interviewing the feature artists  but because the next two Province Playlist featured headline artists  Jann Arden and Sarah Mclachlan  have been a little busy preparing to represent Canada in our torch relay and opening ceremonies,  :)  we couldn't arrange an interview with them...... so in this  video we thought we would feature ourselves. Kelly Brock and Rachael Chatoor , seeing as we are also going to be in the paper over the next two Tuesdays giving away our free downloads proudly in the role of  supporting indy artists!

 So this is the BIG news for us little guys.... I really can't believe it in fact. I am going to be in the newspaper while the world is visiting for the Olympics, and I will be in a supporting role to one of my personal favorite artists, Jann Arden.Yes! There is the scoop.....tomorrow look for Jann Arden, her song "Free" is the free download. I have Jann's  latest CD and Free  is a stunning, beautiful, powerful song. What I really love about Jann is that she has the ability to rip your heart right out of your chest with her insightful lyrics as she delivers them with the sweetest most beautiful voice, you know the one.

And here is scoop #2, Sarah Mclachlan is the next Province Playlist headliner one week later (Feb 23rd).......and who else but my friend Kelly Brock will be in on the line of  Indy artists featured.  So that's us, this is it, watch the video and pick up your Province every your local artists and keep music alive!

With hearts......



Brad Curtis said...

Hi ...We are interested in submitting our music to the Province Playlsit. Do yu have any info on how to do that ? We watched you video and looked over your blog but can't seem to find the necessary info or links.

Thank you
The SOME x 6 Band

Rachael Chatoor said...

Hi Brad,

Go to the Hevy D website and send Barry an email, introduce yourself, send an MP3 and tell him Rach sent you! :)

The SOME x 6 band said...

Thank you so much Rachel !


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Angel Edwards said...

can you tell me
how to get on
your playlist?

rachael chatoor said...

Hi Angel, you want to go to this website and contact Barry,