Wednesday, February 3, 2010

photo blog Robson Square Skating rink, vancouver band, the Hitmen~

Last week I sang at the re-opened Robson Square skating rink. As a Vancouver born and raised resident of this city, I'd like to say that I  am simply delighted to see the skating rink being  used once again.   I feel very privileged to have been up on that beautiful stage putting on a great show for people of all ages with excellent musicians like the Hitmen. This was the kind of gig that felt like an intimate concert; people paid attention,  children enchanted us with their dancing, everyone moved, sang along or clapped in time whenever we asked them to......   and the natural theatre shaped setting meant the energy flowed back and forth between  the band and the audience exactly  the way it is supposed to. It was the ancient campfire on a chilly winter night and everyone spoke the same musical language and I guess in a way,  we were the storytellers.  
I love nights like that.

Photos courtesy of Thesa Pakarnyk

Tom Arntzen~Rachael Chatoor~Nathen Aswell~Shawn Soucy~Russell Marsland

By the way, I think you should book us for your next event!
The Hitmen

Rach xo


Brad H said...

I'm glad the rink is back as it is truly an iconic piece of Vancouver's history. I might just have to dust off my skates now. :-)

It has only been a couple of weeks since I first heard you and your band perform (Jan 28). I've been letting all my co-workers know what a great show they missed that night. I'm hoping to bring a few more out to see you and the Hitmen perform at the Rock on Feb 15.

Keep doing what you are doing cuz you are a true inspiration for the downtrodden and oppressed masses who "go to 5, instead of 11". What you do puts a smile on peoples faces, lifts them up, and gets them dancing. In some cases (like myself) you inspire people to take a chance and pursue their dreams. There is almost no better calling in life. :-)


rachael said...

Thanks so much Brad for the support. It really is a great environment down there, I was grateful to be a part of it. I'll look forward to rocking it with the gang on the 15th then~