Thursday, January 28, 2010

Province Playlist feature artist One More Girl [all access pass video]

One More Girl , Britt and Carly McKillip,  are two gorgeous young dynamo's who are poised to take the country music world by storm.
That's what I thought the first time I saw them at the Merrit Mountain Music festival last year.
I caught the girls when they took the stage and let me tell you, they made me stop to watch and listen. These young girls were babies yet they were owning that stage and I was mesmerized . Suddenly I was rooting for them like I knew them, yeah girls, you rock it sisters, ~woot~!  Little did I know that  the next time I would meet them it would be in their house, wearing PJs and bouncing on their beds............

This week you may have noticed One More Girl  featured in the Province Newspaper as part of the weekly feature known as the Province Playlist.  Via the Province Playlist  you can download songs by established and rising stars in the local and national music scene.  Barry Stecyk, of Hevy D's Old Fashioned Kettle Korn is a huge music fan and is the man behind the initial idea for the music player page. He's worked tirelessly with The ProvinceMusic BC, Save-On Foods and a handful of others to create a tool that brings musicians and music fans together and I think he is a modern day hero for his energy and devotion.

Barry is really an outstanding guy and has a vision for marketing his product that I 'get' which is to bring people together, combine resources, share audiences and give something of value in a way that sees everyone involved winning. With the draw of the more established featured artist, the Province, Music BC and Hevy D are able to bring fresh new musicians onto a platform previously unavailable to them with a weekly full page spread that directs traffic to a site where an audience can  find links and a treasure trove of free downloadable music that is collecting there.

The beauty of social networking in this way is that things can be mobilized so quickly. I was in the office of Bob D'Eith (Music BC) last week shooting video for All Access Pass  with  himself  and Barry discussing the creation of this project. Literally that very morning they had decided to put together a player that would  benefit the victims of the Earthquake in  Haiti.  Bob was offering the use of the recently released  Music BC 2010 compilation album (which included the Peak Performance artists) as a means to raise funds for donations to the cause.  Within 48 hours of that meeting, I got an email to my inbox saying the project was live. That meant that every artist on the 20 song compilation has agreed to give their song to Project Haiti.

Outstanding, and quick.

And beneficial by all accounts, traffic to the Playlist starting with the Christmas releases, has already far exceeded expectations by tens of thousands of visits and downloads, and this number will only grow as more and more people catch wind of what is happening here.
If you are a music lover, and like to support local music please check out your Province every Tuesday and look for the Province Playlist which will give you  instructions on where to go to download your free music. As well, next time you are in Save-On Foods, look for Hevy D's Old Fashioned Kettle Korn, and find your free download sticker on the bag!

Oh yes my news!! Well, late last December, I myself submitted one of my songs to the Province Playlist  and happily  it was accepted. That was exciting enough but I have recently  learned when exactly my spot in the Province will appear and I have to say, I am quite beside myself with excitement. I'm going to keep the suspense going for now but I will let slip these two details.... the big featured artists I will be gratefully tagging along with are incredible stars. They are two ladies who's vocals and talents I am madly in love with (and have been forever). It is so widely known in fact that I adore these two, that it almost  feels like someone upstairs was cooking this pot of soup just especially for me........ and as for when..........just make sure you check out the Olympic editions of the Province. :)

If you are a musician/artist reading this and would like to submit your music do so here.

with hearts....Rachael

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