Sunday, January 24, 2010

photo/video gallery Up Your Watershed/Journeys concert

My friend Rae who has contributed photos to this blog before, was at the Voices of Nature concert  last Thursday night (scroll down to the next blog post for more info. on the concert)  and she took these fantastic photos of the concert  so I am posting a photo/video blog today.......

First up,  my own backstage photos that were taken just before the show started. I've also posted  a quick clip of two videos that I took while onstage during the concert. I wanted to capture the   magic in the room. 

Words can barely express how much fun this night was, so today, I'm going to let the pictures do the talking.

Because it was an event that had ties to Vanoc and school children, the audience recieved a surprise visit in the lobby before the show!

Holly Arntzen and Kevin Wright

Me and  Holly before the show!

Brian Newcombe, Shawn Soucy, David Sinclair

Shawn, myself, Brian

And here are the show pics! Thanks again Rae~

Thanks so much for visiting!
You can find links to all the programs and people in the photos, in the previous blogpost!
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