Monday, December 7, 2009

midway, recording, and the final showcase coming up for the League of Rock

The girls of the League of Rock, Vancouver Chapter Session 2.
Nicola, Rach, Loralee

I've had so much fun over the last few outings with the League of Rock, everyone involved is now part of my Wednesday family, and that's just how it feels. :) Today's blog post features both my own pics as well as Sharylin's photos from the first midway session at the Fairview Pub. These photos tell the story of what happened a few Wednesday's ago when the 2nd session had it's first 'live performance' workshop. For this night we had two fantastic coaches who practically spend thier lives onstage Mick Dalla Vee (who recorded/produced my original CD) and Marc La France each were giving all of the bands their thoughts and suggestions in a small group setting after each band finished performing their mini-sets. This was a great opportunity to get a solid heads up on what each band could be fine tuning for the next live performance workshop. It was just a whole lotta fun and I  really noticed  that the returning members had somewhat of a calming effect on the newer ones. I think we all  quite enjoyed seeing each of the bands play for the first time as well. As usual there is a really warm community building that flows in amongst and between the bands and various members.


John Gojevic - Drums
Andrew Huige - Keys/Vox
Allan Keller - Vox
Bill McDonald - Guitar
Mike Rikely - Guitar
Colin Darling - Bass


James Gaffney - Guitar
Nicola Galassi - Vox/Guitar
Robert McFadyen - Drums
Dave Tucknott - Bass
Brian Wright - Vox/Guitar


Danno Brouseau - Vox/Guitar
Mark Hall - Guitar
Robert Boshaw - Bass
Nando Polesel - Drums


Enos Choy - Guitar
Rick Halliday - Drums
Stephen Pallavicini - Guitar
Loralee Parks - Vox
Al Rempel - Bass

Rob Boshaw and Mark (with his brand new  guitar that he won from the League of Rock (and  sponsors Long and Mcquade), during the showcase for the inagural session of the LOR!)

Mike and John

Pallivicini and Loralee



~hahahahaha and they were trying to make fun of US~

And the girls, Yes, yay for the girls! I'm so glad more chicas joined the League of Rock I dream of  a LOR all girl band that can really 'rock it' forming one day, one that we can take out on the road when we all start playing  some of  the cool events that the League of Rock members in Toronto get to play. Yes, make note of this Vancouver,  in Toronto....THOSE bands got to play for the Grey Cup festival, and for some fancy shmancy Yacht club party, just to name two of the events.............. just look at what can be done (and we love and support them of course)!! let's DO that Vancouver!

So, moving on here,  this was the first outing for the bands and it was a great success, the perfect warm up to the Yale midway which happened a week later and was also an exciting big success of a night. The Yale is a little bigger and brighter and the energy level went up an notch. Rob and Topher officially announced me as the host of the LOR show's in Vancouver so that was quite exciting to kick that off! Though it really was such a blur I hardly even recall most of what I did up there. I do recall that the bands did extremely well and they  all seemed to impress our super coaches (LOR music Director/drummer) Topher Stott and (musician/songwriter/producer) Tal Bachman . The cool thing about the second midway live performance workshop is that the comments are delivered over a microphone so the whole group was able to hear the advice to each band after they performed their songs. The coaches had a lot to say to the bands and they had the audience laughing out loud at times, effectively, we all were able to learn from their comments as well as our own observations.  It just was a great night all around and the bands are more than half cooked now. I wholeheartedly predict that the finale is going to ROCK people!

Next week, Topher is back to record with the bands at Nimbus Recording studios and I can't wait to be there for some of those sessions as well. The first time in studio for many people is very exciting and I love to witness it and be a part of it,.......... talk about good energy flying around, ~woot~ it's always a very cool night, the 'in the studio' night! 

And finally, I MUST mention that the FINAL SHOWCASE is coming up on Wed the 16th of December! All the bands play all of their songs and they will all be polished little diamonds sparkling for the audience at the Yale. SO many people said to me the last time after the first showcase, that they would love come to the finale the  next time....SO you have now been informed!  :)   Please note, for the first finale showcase  the Yale  was very busy so take this tip, don't arrive late if you want an actual seat where you can see something, don't say I didn't warn you. 
Doors at 6, first band starts at 6:30!

See you there!

Final note:  if you have a musical loved one on your Xmas list, I think a LOR membership is the perfect Xmas gift. The new session starts in January!


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