Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas at the Commodore Ballroom

 The Hitmen

Kent Wallace, Bill Abbott, Tom Arntzen, Rachael Chatoor, James Wright, Shawn Soucy, Nathen Aswell
So last Satuday night I was singing with the fabulous Hitmen at the Commodore Ballroom  which is a Live Nation venue in Vancouver BC. It was truly an exciting end to a fantastic year. 

As I strolled around backstage during soundcheck, it occured to me that just last year I was there filming the Loverboy videos with Kelly Brock, feeling  in complete awe of the venue and the stage that has hosted some of  the most talented artists and exciting concerts this city has seen. Now here I was, about to be front and centre on the same stage with an amazing band being treated like royalty and I even had my own dressing room.
The gig was a blast and the band was on fire. The sound was amazing, the stage was vast and I was completely free to fly, so I did. I felt like a million bucks.
There really is not a lot more to say other than  just share a few pics from the night!
Nathan with his famous Stick ( a bass/guitar combo) and James Wright
(who sat in for Russell Marsland on guitar).

Its awesome playing any gig with Shawn Soucy, a long time dear and trusted friend, I
always feel very secure onstage knowing Shawn is laying down the beats.
No kidding, Tom is just fun onstage, another nutter of a showman I can  play off of and be goofy with.
The horn section just brings thing to the next level! LOVE it!

Watch out for my Vodoo child, watch out for my Vodoo.

I am glad to report that it all went very well, the client sent us a warm email saying he got floods of compliments from the crowd and that he thought it was the best he had seen the band,  he even pointed out the new vocalist was terrific (the new vocalist being me)!

So I ended the year with quite a bang, I am so thankful. This was my last gig of 2009 and it couldn't have been a more fantastic event to close with. I worked hard throughout the last year to get here, I wanted this gig very much, wanted to play with these boys more than anything and I admit I pushed and wished for a long time.  It didn't come easy  but I never gave up, and now, here I am, feeling very much like part of the family. It's been totally worth it. Thank you to the boys for taking a chance on me.
Looking back I am proud, and I am walking into 2010 feeling ready to take on any challenge.
This folks,  is only the begining.

Happy Holidays to you all, be good, be strong, face your difficulties head on and keep your chin up. Things always work out they way they are supposed to.
Talk to you soon........xox

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