Monday, November 9, 2009

music based corporate events and the League of Rock

Ok I am going to share some information with you that is as valuable as gold. The League of Rock corporate events are coming to Vancouver (& Toronto, New York, Chicago).

If you are working in a large corporation that occasionally offers leadership development and/or team building events for its staff, then I urge you to watch the below posted video and then send this link to your Human Resources person today.

I love it, this is not your dull boring corporate conference, this is  genius rolled into engaging fun.
League Of Rock's coaches, professional musicians and event production team work together with this program to provide a truly powerful and unique opportunity. Bring together colleagues of vastly differing social and professional backgrounds and use the universal power of music to communicate on levels they never have before.

With individual personalities and specific goals in mind, you'll place them in a highly collaborative situation where they must prepare for a final performance under a compressed deadline. During the process our professional song writing coaches and musicians ensure great songs are produced while everyone enjoys the process.

Tell me you don't love this?  Tell me you don't want to get up and rock at your next conference and have the chance to meet and learn from musical celebs and personalities. You want an experience for your company? I would! Call them. :)

And hey now that we are talking the League of Rock, what is happening with "League" side of things anyway?  Yes, the corporate world aside, things are rocking! There are a bunch of folks who signed up for the second session and its funny but I can really see a difference in  all of the returning members. Right away there was an air of confidence about them that wasn't present in the first session, it's as if  they all just know its  going to turn out fun and  fine so they settle in and chill quicker. Most everyone by now is settling into their bands and finding their voice within them. The community is warm and supportive and everyone is starting to gel. We only have one more rehearsal  before the first training showcase, which will be held at the Fairview pub. Its going to be very interesting.

So now, I'll take you back  in time  a few weeks to the session I was in because finally we have all the videos up from the final showcase for the League of Rock~!

I have posted just the videos from my band Know Mercy's performances, and then one video from another band, Wicked Skinny. You can see how my attempts at bass turned out after 10 weeeks of trying, and also enjoy Stephen Pallivicini's first time ever onstage. It was such a fun night, and  its remarkable to think that none of us knew each other 10 weeks beforehand and now there we are up playing onstage at the Yale,  having just recorded in a studio together.

If you would like to see more from all the other bands from the final LOR showcase you can veiw all the rest of the videos from the night here! 

Want to join a band, or bring the League of Rock to your workplace?
Click this link and give Terry a call, tell him Rach sent ya!


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