Wednesday, October 7, 2009

[Standing all the way] October, Breast Cancer awareness month.

Doctor please slow down I don't understand, Lets get back to talking about the weather
It seems to me, you're saying I m not getting better

I hear a voice inside, screaming, crying, asking why?
Praying you are wrong
What about my boy and girl?
Right now, im their whole damn world
What do they do if Im gone?

I intend to fight this
You don't know the future So I'm going to write it!

Finding all good things to say, wearing my pink ribbon every day. I'll be standing all the way.

Doctor please tell me cause I need to know,
what I can do to really face it
I can't believe you're saying, you just cant erase this

Hear a voice inside, pleading, someone turn this tide
Theres so much more to do
Ive never been so mad
Lost, confused, or deeply sad
don't wanna believe my life is through


Hear the voice inside strong detrmined full of pride
There so much left to give
no matter what the time
I'm going to make the most and I will
Show my babies how to live

© Rachael Chatoor 2008

Full recorded version can be found in the music player to the right.

A lot of eyes hit this blog, I am surprised and delighted daily by the messages I get from people. Not everyone comments, but they do read the comments, so I invite you, if you have a story to share, someone to celebrate or remember, share it here.

Please scroll down to find links to Stupid Cancer and Fuck Cancer, they are doing great things. Thank you~


The Grandpa said...

I'm as impressed now by this song as I was when I first came to your blog. Thank you for raising awareness and for such great music.

Maggie May said...

Awesome. Your spirit alone is awesome.