Monday, October 19, 2009

photographers, reporters, and drinking in the morning

Kelly Brock and I have been up to old tricks again for All Access Pass and recently we dropped by the Province Newspaper to talk to BC Entertainment Hall of Fame inductee, Tom Harrison. Tom has been a reporter and music critic with the Province for over 30 years and I for one have looked to his column ever since I was a teenager spending my money on records. It was such a pleasure to meet him, there are stories galore when you hang with Tom and each tale is more interesting than the next. Thanks really must go to Tom for letting us see a bit of his world, and respect to him for using his platform with such a sense of responsibility and integrity. Keep Rockin Tom!

The next video in the Kelly & Rach's All Access Pass project takes you live on air in studio at Classic Rock 101 in Vancouver where Dean and Hatch (in for Bro Jake) interview legendary Rock n Roll Photographer Dee Lippingwell for On the Record! Dee has photographed virtually every major concert that ever rolled through Vancouver for decades and she has some unforgettable stories to tell the boys during her visit in the studio.

Personally I have always adored Dee and have been backstage with her at a number of different concerts over the years. I have been lucky enough to be onstage at many of the events where Dee was photographing and as it turns out, some of my favorite live stage shots have come from her camera. She's just the bomb.I thought I would throw in this little video that tells the tale of what happened after the 'On the Record' spot with Dee wrapped up. The radio station was hosting a 'Cesar taste off'. Dee and I were asked to stick around and be guest judges. Well, I couldn't really say No now could I? hehe So of course I kept the camera rolling because I don't' often get a perfect excuse to start drinking before 9 o'clock in the morning, I wanted proof. ;)

You can also find this video embedded on the Classic Rock 101 Website , I thank the radio station for the link loop, they all rock!

Rach xo