Saturday, October 10, 2009

is it possible to change your behavior?

I find this so interesting. Notice how almost everyone avoids the stairs at first. Change things up a little and you can see what happens.

I have some things I need to look at, behaviors that I need to examine, thoughts I need to change. I'm going to take a break for a while.

Be good to each other. xoxo


Bryn said...

Thank you for this. and you take all the time you need- actually, don't take too long, cause I'll miss reading you!
ps- I'm totally going to share this video, it's a great reminder to put a little fun back in... xox

rachael chatoor said...

Its great isn't it? I need billions of years actually, but it probably won't take that long, there are too many smiles to pass around. :)

Not The Rockefellers said...

At The Museum of Science in Boston, they actually have a musical staircase!
And we never miss it :)

Good Luck
Take the stairs... Rachel
they're worth the effort

Peace - Rene

Anonymous said...

that sounds ominous. I think I kinda know what you mean though. And although I won't make it to one of your shows this month, someday.

rachael chatoor said...

I'm working all the time Kelly, one day for sure!

Ominous no, hehe I'm just a drama queen, pausing for effect. ;) It would in fact be more appropriate to laugh at/with me than to be concerned. I'll probably make a post in the next day or so. :)