Monday, October 12, 2009

getting all abba and being blond about it.

Jeanette Okeefe my friend and an inspiration to many!

Mooncoin productions is one of the finest companies to work for, Jonas and Jeanette have impressed and inspired me since the moment I met them. I remember a long time ago, reading an ad that they were holding auditions for Abbacadabra and I thought oh my gosh I could never do a show like that.

Well time passed and the day came along again and I was aware of another ad for someone to cover the gig. I looked at the show and suddenly thought, you know now I think I could do that. I had been subbing in with bands like Dr Strangelove (you may remember that band from the Roxy) so I was learning to sing that kind of music anyway, plus I was starting to do my own solo gig with my first truly fantastic band in the casino's and it was all just starting to get comfortable. I felt I could throw myself into some new shows.

So I went for an audition, got the job and the fit has been perfect. Last Saturday night in fact was another show and I loved it, we were thrown a curve ball. Curve balls, I freak at them a little but I thrive on them alot! Yes, I love the energy!

Normally I play Ana Frida the dark haired girl, but last Saturday night I played the blond role. Jeanette who's part I normally take, is also dark haired so one of us would have to wear a wig. I was only too happy to do it, and while I joked on my Facebook about it being a great expedition to find out if blondes have more fun, the real truth of why I jumped at the chance to play the blond role was that I wouldn't have to do my hair. LOL. True story, I know, I am so lazy.

Being newest to the show, I also got to keep my singing part, save a few minor easy changes, and Jeanette the seasoned pro that she is, switched both songs, places, and parts. Now this would not normally be a big deal because we would be prepared for it but in this instance we found out only really at the last minute so there was no time to prepare. We re-wrote these parts in the hours before starting. Like I said, I LOVE this kind of energy, the newness, the excitement, the uncertainty. It's a buzz, and if the audience catches it, it is infectious.

That night the energy was flowing!

Rachael Chatoor, Ryan Langevin, Jeanette OKeefe, Sam Torrence and a GREAT crowd!

This is an awesome fun interactive show, if you love the music of Abba you will love everything about it. For a recent show I was in click this video clip . To get the full potential you will want to visit the website. Google I Love Abba~

If you work in a company that has a Christmas or holiday event coming up and you think that you would like to see Abbacadabra at it, please request us!

For more info contact Mooncoin productions!

Oh hey, this is my Mom. She used to holler down the stairs at me when I was singing telling me to; SHUT UP YOU SOUND LIKE A DYING CAT.

I love her so much. She drives me nuts but she's a good bean.

BTW, my diary which is this blog, welcomes every mood, I don't really need a break, just an edit button. Having said that, every mark I make is a post left along the road I am travelling. I have far too much fun in life and I take too much from every experience to not want to save the highlights, even if some only highlight the growing pains.
If I appear a little fractured sometimes, it just means that for that moment, it shows. :)


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bernthis said...

Redhead, blonde, brunette, and highlight, I've been all of them and I've had a blast being them all, well the blonde part was a bit much, my ex and I called it the "big mistake".

Mazel on the job