Friday, September 18, 2009

The power of a Tweet~! (Part 1)

People who don't use it, wonder what the point of Twitter is. I get asked frequently about it and it's not easy to explain in a nutshell because there are endless applications for something like Twitter. I myself use it as a tool. It is a phone book, a source for personal references, a connector, a reflector, a gig getter, a people mover ...... Twitter can be whatever you make of it.

One week ago I had a Saturday night that was conceived and brought to life entirely through Twitter. My evening started in the afternoon actually at Vancouver's Twestival, a fundraising event which was born online, promoted, through Twitter and held in our city to help raise funds for a local charity, the BC Children's hospital.

These events are held worldwide,Vancouver's Twestival was held at Cieli's Pub and was organized by social media savvy goddess of all things Vancouver, Rebecca Bollwitt, Miss604 (who is also known as @Miss604 on Twitter).

Event organizer Rebecca Bollwitt and Raul Pacheco

It all started with one single Tweet and from that it grew and turned into a social networking success with the venue, gorgeous prizes, live music and comedy, all donated. Tickets were sold for the prizes and entry and in the end, nearly $3000 went to BC Childrens hospital .

This is John Chow, I just love this pic, it has no real relevance to my particular story today, but I had to include it because it made me laugh. BTW. John is a very cool guy totally plugged right into the world of social media. Dial him up sometime.

The above shot is of Rob Cottingham treating us to some comedy!

The ladies all sitting in the front area there are Twitter friends most of whom are Mom's doing some sort of online business. We have all chatted online through Twitter over the last year, and I had sent videos, links etc of my singing, but most had not actually seen me sing live so I was very touched that so many gals showed up to support the event and told me they came to hear me sing. Here is a video link, the only video I have found of me at the #Twestival, it is less than 30 seconds long but it was tweeted out on Twestival's twitter page as well as links to pictures of the event if you wish to see more. :)

I donated some CD's to the prize pot.

My CD cover by the way was designed by Chris Norris and I thank him very much, I will do a better blog post about my CD soon. :) If you are looking for a graphic artist by the way, Chirs is super talented and a really great guy to work with, see his link!

Well there you go, a little glimpse of Vancouver's latest Twestival, and the whole thing started with a single Tweet. The message continued to be passed on all the way up until and throughout the event. Here is a a tweet I found when I got home that night:

So glad the YummyMummyClub Tweetup ladies came to #yvrtwestival - thank you @rachaelpachel @earnestgirl @raspberrykids @sharilyn and more.

And yes there were more of us, and even more after that because right after the Twestival ended a bunch of us gals headed down to Granville Island for a lovely dinner at the Dockside, which was another little tweetup born and raised on Twitter. A Mom's night out with YummyMummy Club founder Erica Ehm.

What is Yummy MummyClub you ask?

Go to the next post for (part 2).......


InfoBlogOnline said...

Nice post,waiting for part 2....

Maggie May said...

awesome! i love that you all raised 3000$ for the children's hospital. that is so cool.

Miss 604 said...

You were so amazing thank you for being a part of the event!

Rob Cottingham said...

It was great saying hi to you - you really did rock Twestival!