Monday, September 28, 2009

League of ROCK showcase announcement and photo update!

Well this is it!!! We are in the final stretch of Vancouver's first session of the League of Rock!

On OCT 1st at the Yale, you can come see for yourself! Join us as 4 bands, comprised of non-pro musicians who did not know each other 10 weeks ago, perform live onstage at one of the city's most well known music venues.

Some members have never set foot on a stage before joining the LOR, and now, just weeks later they have; workshopped with well known industry professionals, recorded in a well known studio and are gearing up to perform live in front of an audience.

Following are a few shots taken over the last several weeks;

This my friends, is the League of Rock, Vancouver Style!

Nando (drums) rocks, that's all there is to say!

Denis (Drums) is one of the many multi-instrumentalists who has joined the LOR!

Stephen (guitar) took up guitar at age 60, and has impressed everyone including me with his amazing attitude, drive and determination. Not only is this his first shot at going onstage, it is his first band experience in his life. High five Stephen, you rock buddy!

Nicola (guitar and vocals)

By the way, tune into Classic Rock 101 on Wednesday at 3:00 to hear both myself and Nicola, as well as Terry Moshenberg dialing in from Toronto, talking to Dean and Hatch on-air about the League of Rock!

Nicola taking video of (LOR coach) Tal Bachman's fingers so she could remember exactly
what it was he taught her!

Vancouver Chapter head Rob Boshaw displaying a fine looking pizza for the band members ( the pizza is provided so that we have something to wash down with the awesome beer that TREE brewing provides for us at our rehearsals every week), and (LOR coach) Shaun Verreault ripping a solo on the guitar during a regular session workshop!

At the midway workshop at the Yale
Grant (drums )

The Tragically Ripped, the band voted with the best name in the League!

Al (bass), and introducing, the glockenspiel. This is my favorite picture from the LOR! Taken by Sharylin, who is like family to me.

Mark (guitar) blew me away with his guitar playing in studio, and Danno (guitar Lead vox)
is one of the most natural high energy performers I have ever seen~!

Allan (lead vox) another born frontman and Nicola ( acoustic guitar, vox) has the sweetest voice, I can't wait to jam with her on the radio on Wednesday!

LOR coaches at the Yale midway workshop, Shaun Verreault and Shari Ulrich, both of whom inspired the members with their insightful thoughts and helpful positive advice!

Studio Day at Nimbus Recording studio!

In the captains chair for League of rock studio sessions was the incomparable Topher Stott! I can't wait to hear how the recording's turn out!

There is so much more to say, so many more people to talk about, this is a mere snapshot. You have to come participate to get the full value of the experience. Stay tuned as I am sure to continue to share the going's on via video and this blog. I consider myself very lucky to be a part of it, and I am glad to be able to share it with people, and go through the process with them. Rock on Vancouver.

So there you have it folks, we are wrapping up session one, and already we are gearing up for the Fall session. If you want to be a part of this musical community you can, it doesn't matter what your skill level, if you can string 3 chords together to play a song, you can join! Get in contact with Terry now at the LEAGUE of ROCK, space is limited, Toronto is sold out, it's only a matter of time before the Vancouver chapter follows suit!

Shaun by the way will be playing with Wide Mouth Mason right close to the Yale on Oct 1st right after our Showcase, so if you are interested in seeing some of the LOR coaches live in action, click the link for info on where to catch their show!
( After you check out the League of Rock showcase at the Yale of course!)

See you on Thursday at the Yale! Rach xo


Anonymous said...

I'm heading off island and braving the traffic of the lower mainland a couple times next month. I looked on your web site to see where you might be playing, its blank. Are you playing anywhere in October, I'm not sure of the dates I have to go over there yet.

rachael chatoor said...

Hi Kelly,
Yes I am playing all over in October, thank you for reminding me how tardy I am with posting my show's.

Until I get to my website:

Oct 1, the Yale with the League of Rock

Oct 6, Cieli's pub Vancouver, solo gig for the launch party of the Vancouver Observer

Oct 10, Tidewaters Pub Abbacadabra

Oct 11, Lions Den Boulevard Casino, Rachael Chatoor band

Oct 14 Lulus Lounge, River Rock Casino
Rachael Chatoor band.

Oct 16 Lulu's Lounge, River Rock Casino, Rachael Chatoor Band.

Oct 23 Lion's Den Boulevard Casino (Indestructables )

Oct 24 Lion's Den Boulevard Casino
(Indestructables, 10 pc show band, I sing back up vocals! )

The traffic here is atrocious. I am lucky I work odd hours and I rarely have to brave rush hour, otherwise I think I would go mad.

Rob Boshaw said...

Great stuff at the studio last night!

Anonymous said...

rats, unfortunately dates don't line up, too bad I was looking forward to it.