Friday, August 14, 2009

Lulu's and the best night ever!

Last week I had the absolute joy and pleasure of playing with a wonderful group of musicians at the River Rock casino. I have been nothing but blessed with the incredibly high caliber of players that I have shared the stage with over this last year of gigging at the casino, but this last show was perhaps the highlight of the year for me.

I can't explain it exactly, but the combination of musicians was magic. They seemed to lift me up and hold me high. They let me just take off and fly away and they were right behind me like a gust of wind. I felt so free as a singer, and so safe, and it made for the best night I ever had there.

Gene G. and Sharylin B. thankfully took some footage of me and the boys playing that night. Here are a few of the clips. They are not edited the way I would normally like to edit them because my software didn't work with their video formats. Without my 'tools', I am clearly not very patient. No matter, its worth sharing the night with you!

The first video is mostly focused on me, I have it up on my website now as a bit of a demo reel.

The second features more of the band and I highly recommend that one if you are a fan of the musicians because it features more of the amazing players who joined me onstage:

Message to the band: You lifted me higher with your energy and excellence! Thank you. :)

Russell Marsland (guitar)
Shawn Soucy (drums)
Nathen Aswell (bass- guitar)
Andre Kunkle (keys)
Mike Norman (keys)

This is an original song from my CD. This video is neat for me, as it is documentation of the very first time I ever played this song with a band.

How buzzy was this? We never even had a rehearsal, this video is IT, try number one.

There is a point in the song, somewhere around 3:59 I think, where I recognize Russell playing the solo (and it sounded just like the recording on the song). Ha, it was cosmic and in the video you can see I was excited to hear it, Shawn heard it too!!!!

Enjoy the show!