Saturday, July 25, 2009

Session 1 Vancouver League of Rock

On July 22 Vancouver's chapter of the League of Rock launch at the Yale and I saw nothing but smiling faces all night long!

Founder Terry Moshenberg flew out from Toronto for the draft event and put us all into our bands! Terry brought his partner Topher Stott and it was such a pleasure to meet Topher finally and have a chance to jam with him as he is a monster talent! Also out to support and help kick off the event were Kyle Shannon (New York LOR chapter head) and two of our our highly respected coaches Tal Bachman and Shaun Verreault so it really was an exciting night!

Speeches were made and contests were won, and then Terry got down to the business of the draft event!

I was put in a band with Nando and Steve and we started talking about songs right away. We all seemed to like the same sort of music so we really got off to a great start!
Some of the other bands.......
Yeah baby!

Everyone seemed just as happy as we were with the way the draft went!

Once we all had a chance to meet the people in our bands, some of us got up onstage to jam. There were some really groovy moments where people gelled together musically and it was fantastic to see and hear!
I can't wait to see how this all progresses!

I got up with my band members and sang/played a few tunes!

I love these little cards that were on the table, our beer sponsors.
I met the fine folks at TREE brewing and they are good people who make fantastic beer, we are delighted to have them join with us!!

It was a cool night, I wasn't the only one wearing a smile!

We all (the members) went home and started our email exchanges discussing and deciding our songs to have ready for the next week. Our band was short a bass player still, and I had always wanted to try bass but never had anywhere to really give it a go, so I contacted my band members and asked them if they would tolerate having a beginner bass player.

Thankfully they both agreed wholeheartedly so I rented a bass, took a lesson from friend and LOR chapter head Rob Boshaw, and spent the next few days cramming for the first session.

I am quite thrilled to announce that session one rocked!

(that is, no one asked me to quit trying to play the bass)
I love it, I am totally embracing this experience.

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Bobbie Leigh said...

It looks like an awesome time! I can tell you are in your element on stage, you look so free and happy!!!