Sunday, May 3, 2009

Walk for Kids Help Phone, Team Yummy meets Trevor Linden

Today I participated in the Kids Help Phone walk as part of team Yummy Mummy.

Heading up the walk, was Yummy Mummy Club's official West Coast Blogger Catherine, otherwise known as Earnest girl, whom I met at the Yummy Mummy coffee tweet-up just a short while ago.

I found Catherine at the registration desk, and while we were signing in, we noticed to the left of us a certain local celeb was nearby and available for photo ops. Catherine and I decided we could not let the opportunity to take a picture with Trevor Linden and us wearing our Yummy Mummy Shirts pass us by, so we wandered over there. We had hatched a plan to pose so that the lips on our Yummy Mummy T-shirts were visible, but it wasn't until I got up there that I realized that the lips on my tank top are nearly on the back of the shirt, so in order to make the shot work, I had to really turn myself around, well, pretty much right IN-towards Mr Linden himself,....... hehehe.

When Catherine and I got outside I looked at the picture on my camera and I was just a little worried at how 'snuggled in' to the hockey hero I appeared, so I worriedly expressed my concern. But she just laughed at me and pointed out that such a thing doesn't happen very often, I was instructed to relax and savor the moment.

Sigh, well, OK then, if I must. ;)

It was right around this time we met up with fellow team mate Alexis, and we stopped for another photo op.

After we took the shot , we were headed on down to the presentation stage for the opening ceremonies, and Catherine remembered that she had taken her camera out, but forgotten to take a picture herself....... apparently this is a common error for her so I thought the moment was picture worthy....

In the moments before the walk started, we listened to some speeches.

I went to the ladies room one last time, and when I came back, the crowd was being led in a warm up. I am pretty certain that the white arms up in the air are Catherines arms.

Now they are bringing up a special guest, you can just see him on stage...

Wait, I will zoom in.......

Yep, Trevor was up there doing the warm up too, what a good sport!

So, all warmed up, we headed off on our walk.

There were cheerleaders along the way......

and we just talked and laughed and chatted the whole time, the route could have been twice as long and we still would have found things to talk about.
We kept coming back to the fact that one of the things we like about the Yummy Mummy Club is that it felt like Erica has created the Village for us. There once was a time when girls, sisters, aunts, friends, mothers and grandmothers, all gathered and shared their experiences with each other, about everything. Its how we learned about ourselves.
That no longer really happens today, we are often isolated, especially when we are home with young children. The Yummy Mummy Club makes us feel connected, less isolated, part of the village where we can feel free to ask questions and share our realities.

And the Yummy Mummy Club inspires us to do things for others, such as meet up on a beautiful day and walk for an important cause.

And this is a very important cause.

The Kids Help Phone, please consider looking into it, particularly if you have been looking for an excellent charity to support.

At the end of the day I heard them announce that nationwide the walk for Kids Help Phone raised over $130, 000. I am proud I was a small part of that effort, and I want to thank the people who pledged and gave to the charity in the Yummy Mummy Club's name!

And to Erica Ehm our Yummy Mummy Team leader, I hope you like the pic we got for you of your West Coast 'Team Yummy Mummy' with local hockey hero Trevor Linden. It was a real burden for us to -ahem- struggle through, but we did it for you! ;)



Lexi said...

Hi Rachael! So great to meet you yesterday... And $130K was the amount raised in Vancouver. The nationwide total was $3 million!!

rachael chatoor said...

OMG, way better!!!! Thanks for that! It was so nice to meet you too! :)

Kate said...


You are so photogenic :o)

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of you and cute!! Rae