Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rick Tippe and Don Adams behind the scenes All Access Pass.

The latest videos from Kelly & Rach's All Access Pass are up on You Tube and I thought I'd post them here because they are such a big part of the *fabric of my life that they should be included in my personal blog!

I blogged about Rick Tippe earlier this year, and even back then I had the feeling that this day would come. You see when he told me he was looking to start helping out other artists and songwriters by sharing his own 'on the road' and 'writing/recording' experiences, I knew I wanted to make a video about it and that there would come a day where I would be posting a video of us writing a song, and talking about his new website, I just saw it. I saw it because I know he is such an inspiring person, and that he will help a lot of people. I know there will be a grateful audience who will relate to how authentic and real he is.

Including me, and for those of you who have followed me since my lazy, painful, awkward beginnings on this blog, you will recall my promise to myself that I wanted to do some songwriting with someone who would pose no confusion for me on a personal level. So with that in mind its how I have set myself up. This is exactly how I have been making my music, its carefully crafted with people I trust, and whom are very much 'attached' to someone! I have no idea if I am a little smarter, or just less dumb, but either way its been a very peaceful and easy process so far!

I actually met Rick's wife, before I met Rick, and I love Bonnie like I love cherries (which are the best fruit in the world). In fact I sold her a couple of my hotwheels T-shirts which I designed a few years ago, they feature my drawings of vintage toy cars on them. (They were very limited in numbers, less than 30, and I am proud to say that Dave Schools from Widespread Panic also has two of my shirts!!).

So anyhow, I won't digress any further, fast rewind back to the workshop, my idea, and then to a meeting with Kelly who loved the idea, and well, we made it happen. So without further adieu....we give you..... Rick Tippe......

Watch for the part where Rick calls me a 'brat' right near the end of the clip, hehe, its a bit of a blooper roll actually, that was not intended for airplay, but Rick gave me the OK to add it. For me, it really sets the tone of how fun and easy he is to work with.

So the final news, is that Rick and I wrote a song, and I love it! He took an old song idea I had and helped me develop it, he matured it. And I am recording it to include it on the CD I am making which are of songs I am getting ready to play live at the Merrit Mountain Music Festival.

This will be my fourth trip to Merrit, but it will be my first time as Rachael, playing my original music. It's the first time I've really had original music. Last year I was on the mainstage singing background vocals for Kelly, and that was SUPER thrilling. This year I am in a tent singing alone with my guitar, in a songwriter circle, with three other songwriters, and in some ways I am even more excited.

I was given a spot on the bill through Don Adams, its quite incredible what happens sometimes when you just ask. Long time friend and sometimes hero, Don Adams, is THE go-to guy at the Merrit Mountain Music festival, as well as at the BCCMA, and he is likely to have been the man in charge at many of the large concerts you (the reader) may yourself have been to.

Kelly and I both have known Don Adams for years, and both of us simply adore him (much like most of the female population in the country music industry), and we thought he would be a wonderful subject to cover behind the scenes for our video channel because Don really is the heartbeat behind a lot of what you and I see in country music.

Yes, I know you all come to see the performers, I realize they are very compelling, and I promise I am with you on that. But the other side of it, the behind the scenes that WE get to see, are filled with amazing people like Don (and the people he works with to put it all together). They do it so that artists at all levels of the game have a platform to present their music, and we are very grateful to them all.

So if you have ever wondered who puts it all together and how? Let me tell you, it is one hell of a job, and anyone who can pull it off and still look so damn cool, is something pretty awesome in my book!

So folks, please meet Don Adams, an unsung hero in country music!

(Special note for all of you industry folks who know and respect Don Adams already, I am confident you will recognize and appreciate the little 'roast' we prepared for him, hehehehe)

*btw; The reference to "fabric of my life" it must be credited, is something I picked up from Mike Reno. While I was talking to Mike for the Loverboy All Access videos, I noticed he had described their music as being a part of the 'fabric of our lives', and I loved that, because it is so very, very true.

All the very best to you! Rach


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looking to get in touch with Don Adams again re location.Been a while. Wilf Krickhan
604 824-6463 or 604 250-7122

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