Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's and Daughters opens THIS weekend.....

I had planned to sit down and write a nice blog post last night to let you all know that this is the opening weekend for the incredible Canadian feature film, Mother's and Daughters.

However, at around 7:30 last evening, I got called to cover a gig at the local casino for a girlfriend who was very ill (which in itself is worth a post, the whole experience of walking into a room and fronting a band you don't know, with no rehearsal and no set list is energizing, fun stuff, but I digress, we are here for a film today), so I didn't have time to do a nice blog last night, and sadly, I don't have time this morning, because I have to rush off to studio to do some recording.

Busy times indeed, so I am going to make this short and sweet, and I am including lots of pictures.

Below is the video trailer for "Mother's and Daughters", a Canadian feature film which is opening this weekend. I encourage you to watch it....

Last Wednesday night I had the honor of performing for the advanced screening of this excellent movie! This is the review of the night, taken from the First Weekend Club website for Canada Screens.

Canada Screens: Mothers & Daughters (Vancouver)
Post Event
Another great FWC event! And another sold out event. It seems
the city has caught on to the fact that Canada Screens offers an incredible
cinematic experience unlike no other. Director Carl Bessai and lovely cast
of Mothers & Daughters led a exciting talkback with the audience following
the screening. Rachael Chatoor provided a wonderful pre-show environment
with her beautiful voice filling the room. All in all, it was a great
night. If you missed out on the advance screening, you can still catch
Mothers & Daughters at Tinseltown, opening Friday May 8th.

I originally wanted to support this film because Babz Chula is in it, and I am a long time admirer and supporter of Babz and her work. I didn't know much about the film before I got there to perform that night, but let me tell you it grabbed me right away and never let me go. The characters are rich, real and mesmerizing. The stories all resonate on some level, if not personally, at least by association. It's a gritty, emotional exploration of the ups and downs of the Mother Daughter relationship. Some of it will make you laugh, and some of it will make you cry about, think, feel and contemplate your own relationship with your Mother or daughter.

Once again the advanced screening was held at the incredible District 319, simply the nicest private theatre in the city of Vancouver. Just look at the chairs folks........notice the footrests? I'll tell you what you might not see, most of us have a glass of wine in our hands. This is not your local run of the mill movie house.

Of great interest was the Q & A after the film with director Carl Bessai and two of the lead actresses in the film. It was a nice touch to see them in person and hear the stories behind the making of the film.

Gabrielle Rose, and Camille Sullivan were two of the actresses in the film and they were just excellent in their roles. I don't know all the awards they give out in the Canadian film industry, but I think all the actresses in Mother's and Daughters should be in the running for all of them.

I could not have pulled off this blog post without the use of all of these gorgeous photographs, which come courtesy of Dean Buscher. I am sending a special shout out to Dean and his stunning photographic work, and I invite you to visit his website whenever you are in the market for beautiful, tasteful, and inspired photographs.

Of course we must thank the Georgia Straight for sponsoring the event......

And watch out for Director Carl Bessai! Sir, I stand up and applaud your great movie!

So please do yourself and the Canadian film industry a favour this weekend and go see Mothers and Daughters, and make sure to take your Mom!

Till next time.....Rach


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Hope you have a happy mother's day Rachael.

Kat said...

Hi! Been a while, I lost track of you, looks like you're doing lots of amazing stuff! The movie looks great.