Thursday, May 28, 2009

League of Rock comes to Vancouver.

Yes indeed, Erica Ehm is very inspiring (see post below for context), and so it was no surprise for me to learn that she is married to a man who also spends time inspiring people, and even cooler still, he does it for musicians.

Erica is married to rocker Terry Moshenberg who founded the hugely successful League of Rock. When I saw Erica in Vancouver last month, she told me the League of Rock was coming to Vancouver soon, and I made her promise to give me the scoop on when, because I told her I would love to talk about it on my blog.

So here it is, I have just received word, the Vancouver Launch of LOR is July 22, and will be taking place at the famed Vancouver Rockspace.

If you are a musician who has a busy family life and a day job that prevents you from hitting the road or finding people to jam with, if you put aside those old dreams just because they just were not practical...... I understand, I've been there. I put down my guitar too, when I was building my family, I did so for nearly 10 years.

I am proof you can pick it up again. And if you are not crazy and motivated like myself to make music your living, but would still love to be in a band, you are very much in luck, because here is a great reason to dust off your chops and get rocking again.

The League of Rock, is the musicians version of an adult Hockey Club, or Softball League, only you join a band, and work together to perform live and record a CD.

Take a moment to check out the videos and website.

This is what I know so far, the Toronto branch of the League is consistently sold out session after session, and there are surprisingly not a huge amount of spots available for the Vancouver sessions, so I predict it will sell out fast.

In fact Rock 101 is going to be adverstising the LOR next month on their radio station, so before the rest of the city hears about it, I suggest you go check it out and get your name down on the list!

You can thank me later. :)

Special note:

In looking for videos for my blog I discovered that the League of Rock also does amazing team-building events for large corporations. If you work for, or have a large company, please take the time to view this video, it speaks for itself.

Rock on rockers!


Anonymous said...

Rachael, I need to borrow you! Going camping with some friends...a wonderful sounding singer like you for the evening around the camp fire would be great. Free fresh caught prawns!

Erik said...

Sounds like fun, Rachael! I found something similar about five years ago and it changed my life, but it's more for those who are into acoustic, bluegrass and old-time country. Pacific Bluegrass and Heritage Society ( jams every Monday and all are welcome.

Erik said...

Trying to get my buddy Howie from work to sign up. Huge Rik Emmett fan!

rachael chatoor said...

That would be awesome Erik, its going to be great! I have had some great emails from some really cool people about it, and a number of them have signed up already!

Kelly prawns/music/camping sounds like the perfect weekend, hope you had a brilliant time!

Lans said...

Sounds great! Thanks for the info. This small business might interest you.