Friday, April 17, 2009

Miss 604 at the Meet and Tweet!

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, may recall that I was recently interviewed byMiss 604, Rebecca Bollwitt, for an E Online story about being a working performer and singer/songwriter in Vancouver.

Its funny but, whenever I spend time this woman, my online exposure level goes up another notch. First, she introduced me to Twitter, she simply insisted I sign up for an account, and with one single tweet about me to her followers, I had almost a hundred followers on my first day of Tweeting.

Believe me, I saw the power. I have been watching and learning ever since.

I often check in with Rebecca on her blog, she is a busy young woman with her finger on the pulse. She is the "Internet It girl", and not only is her image travelling around plastered on buses all over town, she is also a regular guest on 1410 the Buzz of Vancouver, the talk-radio station I tune into when I need to just turn off the music. ( yes it happens )

So last night, I took my handy little video camera with me to film Rebecca as she mingled and gave a speech at the Tech Valley Social Club's first ever Meet and Tweet which was held at a gorgeous venue called Dublins Crossing . If you would like to know more, or view photos and find links to all the fine people involved in this networking event, I invite you to visit Miss604's recap of the night.

My personal reasons, why I filmed this event, was to illustrate to my musician and industry friends, the power of using the internet (and specifically Twitter), for business and social networking.

You can easily apply this technology towards promoting your band or your CD. Sure its great to be on Myspace where you connnect with other musicians, but I'd say most of them are trying to sell their music to you. If you are like me, you need to connect with real customers and talent buyers whether it be a pub, club, event, or concert venue looking for entertainment, or the bride, parent, or spouse who is looking for a band for their party. Twitter is also great for connecting with industry people and the businesses that will be helpful to your career (photographers, web designers, artists etc).

No matter what your business, you want to find and focus on your customers, and the people who know them. That is what Twitter can do, if used effectively, it can take your Tweets, and multiply them.

My final note on this, is to update you on how my online life has changed since my last meeting with Rebecca.

Because I was following her around all night, I wound up meeting and hanging out with some pretty incredible Twitter-holics. In particular, there were two fellows whom I am quite certain are responsible in part, for the FLOOD on Twitter followers I am receiving, due to the tens of thousands of followers they themselves have. I believe I have had over a hundred new followers in less than a day. I can barely keep up, this is powerful stuff folks.

So I want to specially thank Rainer from @ThinkReferrals, and Gary, @bluefur for giving me a shout out "tweet"! And to all the other great people I met, and those of you who have also been sending some "tweet love" my way, thank you! I hope you all enjoy the way I chose to document and share the night.

Final note, the people from Domain 7 did an excellent job of putting it all together.

To those that missed it, better come to the next one!!!

best, Rach!



Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

Isn't Twitter amazing??? I love it... I twitter @5minutesformom and @susancarraretto

I had a great time at the #meetngreet and I look forward to getting out to more local events. So far all the blogging events I've been to, I've needed to take an airplane. Great to just drive.

rachael chatoor said...

Oh I am glad you added your @ sign! I don't know everyones yet! So glad you came by Susan~!

Feel free to add your Twitter names here Tweeple....

Anonymous said...

Its completely amazing Rachael, all the new ways to push music now. It seems like there's some new innovation every week. Suits me if it exposes new and worthy artists though!

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