Friday, April 10, 2009

~Mama Cried~

This tells the story of a 16 year old, who ran away from an abusive home, straight into a life of being abused on the streets. The sad truth is, she had learned what she lived.

Closing time
theres no where else to go
everybody is curious
but no one lets it show
closing time
no more drinks for free
everyone's gone home now
and its only me

I thought I saw a shelter in the alley
maybe theres a blanket in the bin
if I had a quarter Id call Mamma
not that it matters now
because I don't know
what part of town I'm in

Mama cried
when I said I had to leave
poor delusioned Mama
she just can't believe
someone lied
and I know it wasn't me
something isn't right here
beneath this family tree

Guess I've got to make it on my own now
I look pretty old for just 16
If I had a quarter I'd call Mamma
just to say I love her
and Im happy because I am finally free

City lights
keep all the ghosts at bay
no one asks me questions
no one turns me away
spend my nights
with 'friends" that I have made
they give me protection
and a place to stay

Guess its not so different from my home now
at least I make a dollar for my time
when I have a quarter I call momma
just to I can tell her
that just like her I live a lie.

Rachael Chatoor c 1997


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That is lovely Rachael. Such good lyrics to. I like your music!

Jeanne said...

This gave me goosebumps -- don't know if it's the song or the singer.

Anonymous said...

"c 1997"
So you've got over a decade of gems like this that you're keeping from us?

bernthis said...

hi there; beautiful tune as always. Questionn: I want to post a link to you but do you have one song in particular you'd like me to link to you or just your whole youtube page?

Bobbie Leigh said...

Beautiful song- as always!

barbara said...

That's a very powerful song, beautifully done.

The Grandpa said...

Very nicely done. It makes me want to post lyrics I wrote several years ago. As a matterof fact, I posted the lyrics on my blog (along with a link to your song).