Sunday, April 19, 2009

Erica Ehm is coming to Vancouver......

One of my recent passions is making videos. To me the whole process is exciting, the planning, the shooting, the editing, there so much opportunity to be creative with the medium, and as a songwriter I love the chance to branch out and make something more with the music I am learning to create.

I bought my first digital video camera in the fall of 2007, when I came across a video contest hosted by the Yummy Mummy Club, founded by celebrity mummy Erica Ehm. The YMC is the 'go to' destination for multi-tasking Moms looking for adult stimulation. Membership is in the tens of thousands already, it is a place for awesome women to come together to celebrate and commiserate the joys and perils of being a modern mom while balancing it with being a sexy mama. (pictured above) *Suzette, Erica and Rachael*

The video contest that Erica held, was a search for Canada's Yummiest Mummy, and each video challenge gave us a new topic to base our videos on. I loved the challenges, and I especially liked meeting the other women online, it was such a dynamic and caring community. In fact, I have made online and real life friendships that last to this day, including an endearing connection to the winner of the contest, Sharon Devillis, whom I emailed in the first week of the contest, to let her know that I was voting for her, because I was sure she was going to win, and also, Suzette (pictured above) who lives here in BC, Suzette and her husband have shown up a number of times to my gigs to see me play, and when Erica put out a call to Yummy Mummies to help with her booth at the Baby fair last Dec, Suz and I both decided to go, and requested we work together, it was such a fun day!

For those friendships alone I am grateful that I stumbled upon this contest in 2007, but the biggest benefit I found through participation, was the inspiration and motivation, to continue making videos. I can't even tell you how drastically my life has changed since I began putting myself out there in cyber land. I have literally met people all over the globe due to the videos and songs that I have been putting out there.

Almost every cool event you see me writing about here on my blog, happened because I attached one of my videos to an email. For example, the TV documentary show that recently aired on W network (it was called Keeping it Real, and it will be re-aired Thursday May 7 at 11:30AM in case you want to catch it), happened because I attached this video to the application email.

My song 'Standing all the Way" which is a song about breast cancer, is on a very soon to be released CD for a website called Stupid Cancer, which is one of Time Magazines top websites of 2007. My inclusion on this project was a result of sending Stupid Cancer founder Matthew Zachary, the video of me playing the song in my kitchen.

My involvement and eventual win with Jack FM, happened because I had a video handy to send to the radio station when they asked for video submissions for their big talent contest last May. Participation in that contest, led to my contract with the Great Canadian Casinos.

I could go on with examples, but that is not the point of this post, the point was to really to express thanks to Erica and the YMC, for inspiring women like myself to chase our own dreams, she reminds us that even while we give endlessly to our children, we can't forget ourselves.

I am excited to let Vancouver Mom's know that Erica is meeting with some of her Yummy Mummy Twitter friends this coming Tuesday April 21, at Calhoun's coffee shop in Kits, at 1pm (to join the conversation on Twitter, use the hashtag #YMcoffee). Erica is coming to Vancouver to be on Breakfast Television, and Urban Rush, and she has graciously agreed to squeeze in a coffee and a chat with us, just before she has to fly back to Toronto.

So if you are a Yummy Mummy and want to join the fun, please come join us, and if you are not in Vancouver, I encourage you to go check out Ericas website. There are always lots of free prizes to be won, and an endless stream of funny and engaging articles, outrageously talented bloggers, and also lots of Yummy videos to watch.

And make sure you tune into BT and Urban Rush on Tuesday to catch Erica's appearance!

See you Tuesday!



bernthis said...

Hey there: I want to put a link to one of your songs on my next post. Do I just go to you tube and do it as I would with my own video? Do you allow yours to be embedded by other people. let me know if you can by ten o'clock tonight pACIFIC time. I have been meaning to do this but I keep forgetting.

Susan Main said...

Very cool news! As mom to a lively 8-yr-old son, it's good to have the reminder: "while we give endlessly to our children, we can't forget ourselves." I'll be away for Erica's visit (long live the exciting early MuchMusic Days!) but I would love to meet up with a bunch of inspired moms.

rachael chatoor said...

Jessica YES! You my dear, may have anything of mine.........I am touched and honored by the thought because I think you are immensely talented.

Please choose any song that appeals to you.....

I will message you on FB too so you get this...

Thank you! xox

Hi Susan, pls check out Erica's site if you haven't already!! Next time something like this goes on I will let you know for sure!

Jeanne said...

What an incredibly cool thing! You inspire me with the way you're learning to mine the web for opportunities.

Bobbie Leigh said...
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Bobbie Leigh said...

Rachel- you are doing so many wonderful things! It's very inspiring and it showcases your amazing talent.