Wednesday, February 4, 2009

rehearsing tunes for gigs *video*

Sometimes you just find people online who are a little extra special to you, and Bryn is one of those people! Yesterday, she posted a video on her blog , and dedicated the song she sang to MOI! She had me smiling and laughing from start to finish! She is most adorable human, and a talented artist.

Her video, prompted me to make this video for her today.

So, this is for Bryn, seeing as she posted her cute adorableness singing Karaoke in her living room for me, I am sharing my own living room theatre where I spend time learning tunes for work! :)

All the songs you hear by the way, I am learning for my next Lulus gig at the River Rock Casino. Please feel free to check out the band if you are in Vancouver, Richmond, surrounding area.

We play on Sunday Feb 15th, and Thursday Feb 19th. more info at my website


Michelle said...

Cute! I heart your voice!!

Sue said...

Thank you for the fantastic entertainment this morning Rachael. I HEART you too! You are sooo good!!

Sharon said...'s not loading from my lap top. I'll go downstairs when the kids are in bed and listen to it from there :)

Irish Gumbo said...

What, no "Superstition" or "Higher Ground"? :) Loved the videos, yours and Bryn's. Good stuff. And that Anna Nalick "Breathe" ohh, man! Thanks!

rachael said...

Irish, so great to see you. Isn't Bryn awesome. Seriously, you can't be that cute by trying, you just are.

I do Superstition, and Fleetwood Mac, Pretenders, Marvin Gaye, Melissa Etheridge, Joni, Sheryl Crowe, Amanda Marshall, Heart, KT Tunstall, Concrete Blonde, etc. etc. Everything rom Abba to Zepplin.

That Anna Nalick tune is new to me, I just love it, someone emailed me and suggested I learn it. Check out her video as well as the live version, its outstanding.

Irish Gumbo said...

Abba to Zeppelin, with Superstition in between? OMG (thunk)(Kevin, wake up, dude, you okay?)

Would you marry me? (grin)

"Breathe" has gotten a lot of airplay on my local radio station, WTMD. It is good, love that line about the hourglass. And yes, Bryn is ubercute! :)

bryn said...

I'm blushing! thank you so much!!! this makes my face hurt from smiling so much! xox

C.S. Perry said...

Right On. I'm glad do many of us write blogs and sing songs too.

Keep it up.

Kate said...

You are so versatile!
I love it! Love, love, love it!

Good luck and keep up the good (hard) work!

You rock!

rachael said...

I was lucky to have family that made good use of their stereo and car radios while I was growing up! Thanks folks for the visit and nice comments. :)

jchatoor said...

"That's the male."? Charming!

rachael said...

Jacco, I had to watch it again to figure out what the hey you were on about....LMAO............ yes, it helps to know your sense of humor! I can see it now.

Thanks for the laugh! :)