Wednesday, January 7, 2009

this is the thing that life built


Well you know the story about the breast cancer song right? (See two posts below this one, if you want more info.) Anyway, if you know the story I have a song that will be on a compliation CD that is expected to raise funds for youths with cancer.

It was suggested to me that I build myself a website, because I would be able to expect a lot of traffic once the album is released.

So I sat myself down made a website.

I don't really have anything to sell, no CD or anything of that nature, so previous to this, I had never before thought about having a website. I don't see myself as a recording artist, I just like to work, I would really like to keep getting great corporate gigs, it's such a treat to work on nice shows, with inspiring people.

And of course the job I covet most, is a great gig doing background vocals on a big tour. I totally loved doing the Merrit gig with Kelly, she did her own material, but the video I am sharing here, is of her singing Heart (me as background vocalist). I have so much fun doing this sort of thing, seriously. Check the vid, its taken from a cell phone so the sound is limited, the faint background vocals you hear are me, I do make an apperance later in the video at about 3:11.

See that size of stage? I love it. I want to be singing back ups on that size stage again. It will happen, one day, and we will all celebrate here on this little blog, trust me.

Anyways, once again, I digress. We were talking about the website. So , now that I was thinking about a website, and the fact that I have so many bands I work in, so many projects always on the go, all of my videos I liked to film edit and play with, and how I know so many people who impress the hell out of me whom I like to promote just because I feel like it, a website suddenly seemed like a good place to keep track of everything. So like I said before, I just sat down and made one.

And that, opened a whole new set of doors.

I am pleased to say that my website is already showing results, there have been a number of opportunites that I used the website to get in tune with so far. Just today, I recieved two calls for work, one place wants to hire me for a gig, and one is a studio session to sing a demo for someone. Love it, love it, LOVE it!

I am very grateful for the Stupid Cancer people for kicking my backside into action, because now when people ask, I have a place to send them, I have a little home on the web.

I am in awe of how life just happens, and if you are open to the doors that open in front of you, they truly can lead you to new and exciting places.




Jeremy said...

Hey thanks for coming by my blog! Great music!

rachael said...

No problem it was great to be there, you have some wicked photography on your blog, very nice work!

KMcJoseph said...

Once again, great stuff!

Michelle said...

WTG Rachael!!