Thursday, January 1, 2009

new years gig

Happy New Year!
I worked last night, at a lovely Dine and Dance style restaurant called Howies Bistro. The room has tables on two levels, surrounding a large dance floor and stage. It is clear that this place caters to dancers. I was thrilled to find they already had a PA set up, which means I didn't have to haul equipment and gear around in my high heels. ( its the small things in life that really make me happy). The decor is sleek and modern, the colors, black, red and white. I had someone take a picture of me because I matched the decor so well.
The venue was sold out, people from the local dance school came in a large group, so the dancing began with the first song and did not end until the last. I love watching couples dance while I play, especially if it is ballroom dancing, I am so impressed with the moves and fluidity of some couples. It completely entertains me as I perform, and this crowd was very entertaining, it was a great night.
The food they served was divine, I had the seafood medley, which was a plate of lobster, crab, prawns and scallops. The garlic butter what to die for. I hope that those couples who were on a date, BOTH chose the seafood and garlic butter, lol, it was powerful! The plate was enormous, I could barely get through half of it.
At the end of the night, as I could not believe my eyes as I opened the door and walked outside into a flurry of snowfall. Good grief, are we KIDDING here? I had a long way to drive home, on slippery roads, and there were several potentially treacherous hills to get over between where I was and home. It did require a great deal of planning to avoid all the stop lights that are situated at hills. Starting on a hill from a standstill, would have been impossible for my vehicle seeing as its so crappy in the snow even on flat ground, so if I wanted to get home without getting stuck somewhere, I really had to work out my route carefully. It took me twice as long as it normally would have but me, my car, and my gear, made it home safe and sound.
I feel like had JUST fallen asleep when my kids woke me sometime before 7am, asking for breakfast.


thebrandbuilder said...

Saw your comment on Brogan's blog and thought I'd swing by and be your first commenter in 2009. :)

rachael said...

Happy New Year! Nice of you to stop by, and Thank you!

Brogans blog is full of very interesting info is it not?

I will stop by your blog now to say hi!

Cheers, Rach :)

Michelle said...

You looked gorgeous!