Monday, January 12, 2009

miss 604 and moi!

Well I just got back from a delightful morning coffee with Miss 604 herself, Rebecca Bollwitt. I have been following her blog for some time now, long before I ever decided to start writing my own blog.
I often will check Rebecca's blog to see whats up in Vancouver, she is always covering something interesting. Also, she takes adorable self portraits, so the stories often come wrapped in a pretty bow. Sometimes when I go to her blog, I post and join the conversation, and sometimes I just shoot her an email to let her know about upcoming events.

I guess I made enough noise, or perhaps it's a slow week and there is no one more interesting to interview (because they are all still on holidays) , but for whatever reason, Rebecca emailed me to see if I wanted to meet up and give an interview about being a singer in Vancouver.

How totally exciting, I was thrilled to accept.

Rebecca is even more charming in person, and I greatly admire how she has carved out a place for herself in the Vancouver scene. She is everywhere, supporting a large variety of local people, events and news stories, from live blogging, to social media events, to Hockey to live music, and everything in between.

I will be excited to watch her star rise along the way, you probably have seen her yourself, her picture is on the side of many Vancouver buses. Actually, its kinds cool that now I have a pic of myself and her together. One day I will be able to can say, I knew her when!

Here is a link to her blog, I don't know when exactly she will have the interview up on her site, but it will probably be in the next day or two ( if not today) . She tells me she is putting something on E-Online as well (which is in my list of blogs that I follow if you want to check that out too).

The only downfall for the day........................ is that she has talked me into getting on Twitter. Rebecca insists it is the thing to do. My online pal Susan Sierra from the , just got onto Twitter a few weeks ago too, and she has tried to rope me in, but I managed to resist her efforts.
So today,during our meeting at the coffee shop, Rebecca gave me a surprised look when I told her I am not on Twitter. I may as well have told her I still use an outhouse for potty purposes.
She decided she was going to bring me into the future, and she showed me on her laptop, how Twitter works. She started by asking me who I wanted to look up. The first person I thought of was Susan. So we searched, and Rebecca found Susan, She her to her list, and made a Tweet about her. And within seconds, I could see Susan online responding.

OK, they got me with that little demo of Twitters connecting capabilities, it does look pretty effective. I admit that am being dragged kicking and screaming, but I am finally going there, I am finally Tweeting. The only problem, between Twitter, facebook, You Tube, my blog, and my website, I foresee having NO life. I still have to learn songs and rehearse and take care of children and everything, where will I find the time? Thanks a lot, you girls are a pain in the ass.

Hehe, pain in the butt or not, THANKS again Rebecca, for everything, for the chat over coffee, for being cool, for sharing information the way you do, and for just spreading good energy around the world. I can't wait to come play at one of your events.
Now all you Tweeters, please feel free to add me and help me take my first baby steps on Twitter!


susansierra said...

haha, you're gonna love it Rachael. If anyone should be on twitter, it's you. You have so much love and energy and beautiful goodness to share with the world. I'm so happy Miss604 showed you the way! :)

Michelle said...

You must have a ton of stalkers. I just started following you on Twitter and you already have a ton of people following you. Welcome to Twitter!!

ColoredOpinions said...

WElcome on board, you must be some rockstar, reading all the comments about you. Come visit my blog some time between the concerts.

Bobbie Leigh said...

I will go check out Rebecca's blog! I wish I could sing, but I try and sound like a dying cat. I love music, and I admire those that can sing!

bryn said...

Oh, I know- damn twitter... I'm on it.. I don't use it as much as I should. I always feel guilty, like I should have more interesting "tweets"..
I am glad that you are on it too though, I'll look you up!

rachael said...

Thanks bunches everyone, its was a very heady day yesterday, bryn, Michelle, brilliant to see you tweeting with me, I am still figuring it all out, but its pretty cool so far. Susan, you are just in trouble, hehe. Everyone, I went to all of your blogs to visit! Thanks for hanging out and sharing my good news with me. xxoxoxoxoxo

Anndi said...

I'm on Twitter, but at the moment, Facebook has me addicted. Help?

rachael said...

LOL, yeah I quite like facebook too, I use it a lot, I like being able to see photos of family and friends that are far away. :) Its a great tool for my work, I have gotten jobs and made a lot of connections through facebook. This twitter/blog thing is new to me and I feel like I have no time for it, but I listen to the songs I am learning while I am working on the computer, so I figure I am multitasking. hehe