Friday, January 2, 2009

Kelly Brock

This year I had the great pleasure of meeting a local recording artist, performer, singer named Kelly Brock. I knew who she was from the radio, I had heard nothing but great things about her over the years from industry friends, I had seen her perform live a couple of times, and I even competed against her in the finals of a province wide vocal competition back in 94, but I never had the to opportunity to really meet her, until this summer when I performed background vocals for her set on the mainstage at the Merrit Mountain Music festival.

Kelly is just one of the nicest girls ever, and we clicked right away. She like myself, is just one of those girls that prefers to be nice to others, and is genuinely happy to see other people succeed. She knew I was looking for more corporate work, and the day after we returned home from Merrit, she called me up and asked if I could sub for her for her band gig the next day. THE NEXT DAY? I had not even met her band, though they are one of Vancouver s top corporate bands, I had no idea even what their set list was like or anything. Kelly assured me that it would be a breeze, and promised she would not have asked if she didn't think I could do it.

So, the next day I went. I literally met the band 10 minutes before going onstage. We got a game plan, picked some songs ( they have been playing together for 20 years, it turns out they know everything), and I walked onstage with them. Depending on the line up there are at least 3-5 singers in the band so we all took turns which made the gig pressure free. When it wasn't my turn to sing, I followed Sarah Johns, who is the other gorgeous gal in the band, found the missing harmony part and added it to the mix. I had such a great time that day, and have been added to the call list, and worked with them again.

Since then, Kelly and I meet up occassionally, when time and family allows, and because I have a video camera, a You Tube channel, and wanted to do some filming/editing of someone else for a change, I decided to try out my idea for an ALL ACCESS PASS channel, which is meant to promote other artists and interesting people. So my plan, is to go film my friends in the industry doing their thing! If I am lucky I can get Kelly to help me with some of the videos, which willl add a great dynamic to the project.

This video is from the rehearsals, and backstage for the BCCMA country music awards show where Kelly was singing and doing background vocals.

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