Saturday, January 10, 2009

just one of those precious moments

This video was never meant for public consumption, honestly, I am in my jammies, I have a cold, I was just messing around video-recording myself playing in different keys and toying with the melody lines of songs while I was watching my daughter take her bath.

Caught on film, a moment when she started chatting to me, and then all of a sudden started singing along, improvising a song about her mermaid doll, Ariel.

The moment was so precious, I decided I had to get over the housecoat and post the video.



Michelle said...

For the love of cute!! OMG!
BTW you have a gorgeous voice. It just got lost in there behind the complete adorableness of your daughter!

KMcJoseph said...

I'm so glad I have a daughter.

The Grandpa said...

I just have one thing to say. That was a great song, you know?

Really, thank you for sharing that wonderful moment.

rachael said...

LOL, well at least I know you watched all the way through Grandpa, LOL. Funny.

Thanks to you all for coming by, I am very pleased, and only just slightly embarrassed to share this video with you all. ;)

Anonymous said...

How lucky are you? Just Beautiful! :)

Marty said...

Fabulous! Really!!

Anonymous said...

I love it, hilarious,

(found my way here through Jen's blog)