Sunday, January 25, 2009

26 things about me....TAG game.

I popped by Jen's blog today, and she says that if you find yourself reading her blog you are to consider yourself tagged.

So, I am tagged, and now that you are here reading this, you are tagged too! Please follow the instructions completely by posting 26 things about yourself. ( and please go visit Jen's blog if you don't know her yet )

1) I see the glass as half full.

2) I most often choose to give people the benefit of the doubt, even though I am sometimes burned by that decision.

3) I see life as a classroom for our souls, and our problems just part of the curriculum.

4) I give an excellent foot rub.

5) I only ever really worried about dying, once I had children.

6) My favorite exercise in the dojo, is punching and kicking someone who is wearing or holding kick/body pads .

7) I am generally quite laid back and lazy, and have to force myself to be productive.

8) I am curious about a variety of experiences, I would rather try a lot of different things, and do reasonably well at them, than spend all of my time on one thing, trying to become an expert.

9) I really admire people who become an expert in any field, and I will tell them that I admire them.

9) I take responsibility for what I do and say. I am not afraid to apologize or to be wrong.

10) I realize that will always be learning about myself and the world around me.

11) I believe it takes a village to raise a child.

12) I like being around people who can sit comfortably and enjoy the silence, rather than feel a need to fill it.

13) I cry at wimpy commercials, but I can be vicious if crossed.

14) I don't feel bad about myself when I tell you that I suck at guitar, I'm cool with it. You don't have to worry, I haven't hurt my own feelings.

15) I am very social online and at work, but in life I do most things solo.

16) As a kid when it came to playtime, I was more of a tomboy than a girly girl. Today, if you asked me whether I'd rather go & try dirt biking, or, go and get my hair and nails done? I'd try dirt biking.

17) I thought I was going to grow up and move to a far away ranch to become a cowgirl, but then I saw a cute boy with a guitar and that opened my eyes to music.

18) I adore singing for large crowds.

19) I hate to be in large crowds.

20) I would love to meet a partner who would be willing and able to hold kick pads for me.

21) I love jogging and hiking in forests with twisty paths and hilly terrain.

22) I rarely wear make up.

23) I drive a stick shift.

24) I don't like drunk people or strangers from the audience, trying to touch me in a familiar way, and I feel very comfortable protecting and maintaining my personal boundaries.

25) I try to spread smiles or do something thoughtful for other people, whenever I see an opportunity to do so, I genuinely want to see everyone around me succeed and be happy.

26) I love the idea of synchronicity


Michelle said...

Very interesting list! I learned some things about you!

Anonymous said...

was very interesting to read. but maybe leave the thing about wanting a partner you can kick around to the second date...and you can set that up for the gym...hee hee

rachael said...

LOL, thanks for the advice Kelly. Thats a good point, though I doubt I will meet the next love of my life through my blog. Besides, I have a good solid plan to stay single, for the rest of my life. (Thats fear speaking of course but it sounds like the best plan so far).

As far wanting a partner to be my punching bag goes, yeah it sounds attractive doesn't it? They should be lining up, I am surprised my inbox isn't full yet. LOL, what a siren.

All I can say is that its SUCH a great workout, think kickboxing if you don't know Karate, and its excellent to do with a partner, which I only ever get to do in a dojo.

I think truthfully, the point was that I'd be wasting my time with someone who didn't like to get sweaty and play hard. I think I would prefer to be around someone who will inspire me to get up and play or something.

But I am staying single anyways, so why are you making me even think about this? ; )

Kate said...

I don't like crowds either.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Jeremy said...

I am there with ya on #21...

Anonymous said...

I never thought about kickboxing. Sounds like something I would be interested in trying, I'll have to look into it. I go to the gym quite a bit and work out on the weights, but my cardio is limited to running, could be the outlet I need. And I figured that was your point, gotta be with someone who likes at least some of the same stuff as you

rachael said...

Totally Kelly, Martial arts of any kind are excellent fun, and a really great workout, I would look into kickboxing if you are looking into trying something new, its really good for the core, and the skills vary so much from lesson to lesson, that you don't have time to get bored. Learning some solid self defence never hurts either.

You did get my point by the way, LOL! ; )

Kat said...

That was fun! It's way too late for me to comment intelligently, so... hi. You're cool.